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2 PM's Lee Jun Ho Makes A Surprise Appearance In Finale Of "Celebrity"! Plus, Thoughts On The Drama!

2PM's Lee Jun Ho seems to be everywhere these days, including the very interesting trending K-drama Celebrity! We break down our thoughts on the drama and what made it so addicting to watch!


In a shocking finale, Netflix's hit series Celebrity starring Park Gyu Young has everyone talking about what's going on in social media today! With the right amount of mystery and suspense, this drama is bound to keep you on your toes!

With a deep dive into what makes us want to become famous, Celebrity very accurately portrays what some people are willing to do to become the talk of the town! Lies, stabbing close friends behind their backs, and fantasy is what many people on social media nowadays are using to their advantage. Celebrity dives deeper into the human psyche to take a look, especially at Korean society, and their addiction to social media.

The Gabin Society girls think they got away with murder in the finale of "Celebrity" (Netflix)
The Gabin Society girls think they got away with murder in the finale of "Celebrity" (Netflix)

In the last episode, we find out that Seo A Ri (Park Gyu Young) has been using deepfake technology in order to catch her haters. By faking her death and her live stream to unveil all the dirty secrets of Gabin Society and the accidental death of a clubgoer, she provokes some powerful people to retaliate. She confronts her number one hater, BBBFamous, who is actually a massage therapist, Lee Eun Chae, that overheard all the personal conversations Gabin Society had while she was working. Always be careful about who you are around!

In the end, we see a scene where the clean-up crew goes to Lee Eun Chae's apartment to clear out her stuff. Lo and behold, one of the cleaning crew members is heartthrob Lee Jun Ho! Check out this scene!

Our Thoughts

Celebrity does a fantastic job of portraying the extremes of social media addiction. Many people in today's society often post the best parts of their lives because they want the recognition of others (their followers). It is the quickest path to fame without having to work hard, in a traditional sense.

We see Koreans glued to their phones throughout the series and commenting hateful and demeaning comments. This is very true, unfortunately, in Korean society. Many Korean cafes (message boards) are open to the public to express their views and opinions on everything. Often, without regulation, many users will say harmful things that can potentially lead to some serious consequences.

Although this is a K-drama, we're pretty sure that this also happens all over the world in many countries. Please let us know your thoughts on this drama and what you think about social media addiction these days! Comment below!


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