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3 Korean Desserts That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

Although Korean food is notorious for its spicy taste, Koreans also have a soft spot when it comes to sweets. Here are three Korean desserts you must try!

Hwajeon (Pan-fried Korean Sweet Rice Cakes With Flower Petals).

1. Bingsu (shaved ice)

A perfect summer treat, bingsu has assorted flavors and its commonly served flavor is red bean with condensed milk. You can also drizzle some sweetener like syrup or top the bingsu with fruits to have some taste variation. Some bingsu has some tteok or Korean rice cake in it that makes the shaved ice chewy.


2. Yaksik (sweet rice dessert)

This healthy Korean dessert is cooked in a pressure rice cooker for a shorter time or by steaming, which takes longer. Yaksik is made out of pine nuts, chestnuts, and even jujube, also known as red dates or Chinese dates, which are abundant sources of nutrients.

Yaksik (sweet rice dessert).

3. Ice Hongsi (iced ripe persimmon)

Persimmons are abundant during the autumn season so this dessert is something you shouldn’t miss trying in autumn but it is also perfect for the summer season since it’s a cold dessert. Fun fact! That there are over 400 varieties of persimmons but only 4 of them are edible. Cool isn’t it?

Ice Hongsi (iced ripe persimmon).

Did we satisfy your sweet cravings with the list we shared? Let us know which one you want to try!


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