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3 Reasons Why Chun Woo Hee Is A Delight To Watch in "Delightfully Deceitful"!

Smart, witty, and sensually charismatic, Chun Woo Hee is like a chameleon in tvN's new hit series Delightfully Deceitful! We share three reasons why it should be at the top of your K-drama lineup!

Kim Dong Wook (left) stars with Chun Woo Hee in "Delightfully Deceitful" (tvN)
Kim Dong Wook (left) stars with Chun Woo Hee in "Delightfully Deceitful" (tvN)

Coming in first in viewership ratings during the Monday and Tuesday timeslot, Delightfully Deceitful makes its grand entrance on May 29. With a strong storyline and captivating characters, the drama makes a strong case for why it is at the top spot so far. Let's break down this alluring drama that has everyone talking!

Lee Ro Um's parole officer, Go Yo Han (Park Yoon) seems to be interested in her (tvN)
Lee Ro Um's parole officer, Go Yo Han (Park Yoon) seems to be interested in her (tvN)

Ten years after being wrongfully accused of her parent's murder and sent to prison, genius scam artist Lee Ro Um (Chun Woo Hee Unlocked 2023), is released when her case is reopened by empathetic lawyer, Han Moo Young (Kim Dong Wook My Perfect Stranger 2023). The two are polar opposites in terms of their personalities as when Moo Young looks at others who are hurt, he is stricken with abnormalities. Ro Um, on the other hand, has no remorse or empathy for those around her and is hell-bent on getting revenge on those who have wrongfully accused her. This exciting relationship dynamic has drawn us to some great interest. Here are three reasons why you should be watching Delightfully Deceitful!

1. Character development is thrilling to watch!

The relationship between the leads is polar opposites, but we see them getting closer in the future! Chun Woo Hee does a marvelous job of portraying a charismatic con artist in different situations in order to obtain the information she needs to absolve her charges.

We love that these two don't like each other at first, but show sparks of interest (due to curiosity) in the future! It's hard to figure out whether they will have a romantic relationship, due to Woo Hee's character lacking empathy, but hey, it's a Korean drama, anything can happen!

2. The storyline is mysterious but believable (so far)!

For a K-drama, sometimes storylines can be a reach in terms of realistically happening. In Delightfully Deceitful, there are some obvious reality checks that need to happen, such as the first episode when Ro Um goes into a casino and wins a golf bag full of cash, but for the most part, it is believable!

Another point is character believability. For someone who is wrongly accused, Lee Ro Um is willing to do whatever it takes to free herself from their accused crime, including using evil to fight evil. It will take the part of her empathetic lawyer, Han Moo Young, to convince her otherwise.

3. There are dark powers at play!

The fascinating part about this drama is that there is something else out there that is in control of the situation that we're not aware of yet! The mention of a third party, that has yet to be identified, as part of Ro Um's crime is intriguing and keeps us on the edge of our seats!

We feel that this drama is ready to throw surprises at us at any moment, and we're ready for them! Bring it on!

You can catch Delightfully Deceitful every Monday and Tuesday at 20:50 KST on tvN or Viu!

Let us know what you think about Delightfully Deceitful! Did we convince you to watch it yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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Hwiyang Nim
Hwiyang Nim
Jun 12, 2023

can't wait for this drama to finish airing

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