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3 Reasons Why "My Perfect Stranger" Should Be At The Top Of Your Watchlist!

Regret, family, and murder. These are all emotions that all of us feel and wish we can get a "do-over" and murder, well, is murder. KBS 2's My Perfect Stranger takes over for Oasis's Monday/Tuesday line up and here are three reasons why it should be at the top of your watchlist!

Jin Ki Joo (Left) and Kim Dong Wook star as time travellers in "My Perfect Stranger" (KBS2)
Jin Ki Joo (Left) and Kim Dong Wook star as time travelers in "My Perfect Stranger" (KBS2)

Yoon Hae Joon (Kim Dong Wook Sh**ting Stars 2022) is the youngest news anchor to work at his broadcasting station. He is a calm and straightforward guy who only looks at the facts. Baek Yoon Young (Jin Ki Joo Sh**ting Stars 2022) dreams of becoming a writer, but supports herself by working at a publishing company working for high-profile authors. She takes out her stress on her mother.

At first, Hae Joon and Yoon Young have nothing in common, but a serial killer case and the tragic suicide by Yoon Young's mother are brought together by the same objectives. Hae Joon tries to find the real culprit behind a small village serial killer case and Yoon Young tries to prevent her parents from marrying BACK IN THE YEAR 1987!

This time-traveling mystery thriller drama has much to offer as both characters are stuck in the year 1987 because their time machine just broke! Here are three reasons why you MUST WATCH My Perfect Stranger!

1. Regret

How many times have you regretted your decisions or looked back and felt that the outcome would be completely different based on your decision? Especially, if that decision meant that you could see your mother again. Yoon Young deeply regrets not treating her mother well since she takes out her work stress on her. Her mother, meanwhile, does everything for Yoon Young including getting pushed down while standing in line to buy some shoes for her. This is the last time Yoon Young gets a chance to talk to and see her mother as that evening, Yoon Young receives some terrifying news that her mother has committed suicide.

Yoon Young has a chance to redeem herself as she meets Hae Joon and his time-traveling car. She gets zoomed back into 1987 when her mother was still a high school student and does her best to prevent her parents from getting married.

2. Long lost mother/daughter relationship

How many times have we mistreated our parents or thought they were annoying? I'm sure countless times for most people. Despite Yoon Young's mother's eagerness to always care for her daughter, Yoon Young always feels embarrassed whenever her mother and father are around. The fact that Yoon Young gets a second shot at redeeming a fruitful mother/daughter relationship is refreshing and makes us take a look at ourselves and how we treat our parents.

Yoon Young attempts to build a lasting relathionship with her mother, over 30 years before she was born
Yoon Young attempts to build a lasting relathionship with her mother, over 30 years before she was born

3. Murder

There's a serial killer on the loose! Hae Joon finds out that he will die a year from now and the reason is that the real culprit behind the 1987 Woojung-Ri serial murders is the one that kills him. He is determined to find the real culprit in order to save himself!

The serial killer aspect of this story keeps us entertained and on our toes, as Hae Joon struggles to put the pieces together behind his death. If you were put in Hae Joon's shoes, would you be doing everything in your power to stop your death date from happening? Let us know your thoughts on this new exciting drama!


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