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4 Must Try Korean Snacks!

Korean snacks are becoming more popular in the global market and if you are here in South Korea and have the chance to go to local supermarkets, add these snacks to your grocery cart!

Popular Korean Snacks.

1. Pepero

Assorted flavor of Pepero.

Have you heard of Pepero Day in South Korea? If you haven't, it is set every 11th of November annually. The Pepero sticks resemble the 11.11 date. This snack is also a staple gift to couples in South Korea. Purchasing or making one is also a way to express endearment. From its standard chocolate-flavored pretzel stick, Lotte has produced a variety of flavors to choose from such as cookies and cream, strawberry, almond, and plenty more.

2. Orion Choco Pie

Assorted flavor of Orion Choco Pie.

Do you love cake and marshmallows? Well, you can have both when you try Orion's Choco Pie. The marshmallow filling is sandwiched between two fluffy chocolate biscuits. You can stack many Choco Pies to create a personalized cake with a tiny candle on top. The product also comes with assorted flavors such as strawberry jam, berry, banana and pistachio, and many more. We can't wait to try out other flavors Orion will come up with in the future!

3. Honey Butter Chip

Haitai and Calbee's Honey Butter Chip.

If you are looking for something different from the usual salty chips that you grab for a snack, try Haitai and Calbee's Honey Butter Chip! The combination of French butter and acacia honey on the fried potatoes is just simply perfection, giving a distinctive good balance of salty and sweet!

4. Binch Biscuits

Lotte Binch Biscuit.

Another best-selling snack in the Korean market is Lotte's Chocolate Binch Biscuits. The chocolate-coated biscuit is also available in mocha flavor. You will want to take several boxes of it not just because of its mouth-watering taste but on how its packaging can easily fit your baggage due to its thinness. Though the packaging is thin it comes with a lot of biscuits inside!

Have you tried out our Korean snack recommendations? Let us know which one is your favorite!


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