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5 Reasons Why "Crash Course in Romance" Is the Top Comedy K-drama of the Winter!

Funny, witty, and heartwarming, there's a reason why tvN's new winter drama Crash Course in Romance is touted to be the most viewed K-drama of 2023! The ongoing 16-episode starring Jeon Do Yeon (Lost 2021) and Jung Kyung Ho (Hospital Playlist 2 2021) is all the rage in South Korea right now! We break down five reasons why you should be watching this hilarious quirky drama!

Nam Haeng Seon (Jeon Do Yeon) is a former national handball athlete that had to drop her shot at national stardom when her sister abandoned her niece with her when she was young. She decides to take in her niece, Nam Hae Yi (Roh Yoon Seo Our Blues 2022), and adopt her as her own. She runs a local side dishes shop along with her best friend and brother.

Jeon Do Yeon stars as Nam Haeng Seon in "Crash Course in Romance" (tvN)
Jeon Do Yeon stars as Nam Haeng Seon in "Crash Course in Romance" (tvN)

Choi Chi Yeol (Jung Kyung Ho) is a hot-shot star math teacher in the private education sector. He is passionate about his job and dedicates his life to his work. He is very frail physically since he is very selective about his diet. The only food that he can stomach is from the side dishes shop that Nam Haeng Seon owns.

Jung Kyung Ho stars as Choi Chi Yeol, a super star math teacher in "Crash Course in Romance" (tvN)
Jung Kyung Ho stars as Choi Chi Yeol, a superstar math teacher in "Crash Course in Romance" (tvN)

The two bump into each other due to an unusual circumstance with Nam Haeng Seon's brother's mobile phone and Nam Hae Yi's pleading to register into Choi Chi Yeol's math class. They begin seeing each other quite often leading to a romantic relationship.

With such an unlikely couple, we break down five reasons why Crash Course in Romance should be at the top of your K-drama winter streaming playlist!

1. This drama is seriously funny!

We can't count the number of times we burst out laughing as this series has some pretty ridiculous situations! Take the time when Choi Chi Yeol goes to Nam Haeng Seon's store to apologize and they have an apology battle!

How about the number of times that Choi Chi Yeol gets teased about being fragile and pale? These awkward yet funny situations have us constantly looking forward to what situation they put these characters in!

2. The characters are genuine.

Aside from the playfulness and the joking around, the characters are really well-developed! It is heartwarming to see Haeng Seon take her responsibilities as the sole guardian of Hae Yi seriously and sacrifices herself to give her niece a better life. On the other hand, Choi Chi Yeol really cares about his students. There's a scene where he explains to his students that he wants them to have the same passion that he has for the subject rather than just getting a great score.

3. There's a mysterious element mixed in.

Like in many Korean dramas, there's always something that throws off the vibe of the series. A mini story of a mysterious person shooting metal balls at students and then through the window of Haeng Seon's shop in order to scare Chi Yeol while he's in there shopping. We were quite curious to see if it was a former student or parent that harbored ill will against Chi Yeol?

4. Beware, Tiger moms galore!

The issue of overbearing Tiger moms is definitely something serious in this drama. With a comical twist, the series does take this issue with a more relaxed approach. Considering there are other dramas that focus on the serious issue of Korean mother's controlling their children's education, such as Green Mother's Club (2022), Crash Course in Romance decides to put a spin on the competitiveness of these moms in a comical manner! For instance, in the scene where Haeng Seon is looking to sign up Hae Yi for Chi Yeol's class but all of a sudden a herd of mothers starts power-walking alongside her to get to the academy first!

5. The eminent scandal!

The title, in Korean, says it all: "일타 스캔들" which means "One Shot Scandal". No matter how nice and fluffy this outrageous relationship might be, the truth is no parent should be close, especially romantically, with her child's teacher. In South Korea, this is a serious cause of concern since Koreans view teachers as a driver of their children's success in life. Although we ship Haeng Seon and Chi Yeol's relationship, we hold our breaths to see what will be the outcome if other moms find out about their relationship.

What do you think? Do you agree with our points? Let us know if you've seen this drama or if we've convinced you to watch it!

Crash Course in Romance is available on Netflix streaming and airs every Saturday and Sunday at 21:10 KST.


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