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An off-the-grid getaway! Exploring the beautiful seaside town of Yeosu, Korea!

Korea is well known for its mega city and capital Seoul, however, most people don't realize, that Korea has many beautiful beaches and towns throughout the country, that international tourists don't usually visit. Recently, I went to Yeosu-si in the south of the country. Let me share my beautiful experience with you!

Yeosu-si Korea. Photo: Koreaconvention.

I wanted to experience a different side of Korea. One where foreign tourists would tend not to travel, but rather those domesticated tourists, as well as trying to find both a location and accommodation which was dog friendly. After an extensive search, I discovered Yeosu-Si. 

I booked this Pension for 3 nights (Link below), which was based on two people and two dogs (A Beagle and a Pug and a Jindo) at a really affordable price!  

The contact from the host was good from the booking and during the stay. When we arrived at the pension (lodging facilities), we were given a tour of the accommodation and some help with our luggage which was welcomed after a 4.5-hour drive from Daegu. We opted to go for the pool to be filled, before our arrival and this was a great way to cool down. 

Hyangiram Hermitage Yeosu-Si. Photo: Lewis Hooper

Located at the top of a steep hill, and in the middle of the National Park (Hyangiram Hermitage) the accommodation offered great views over the bay and had a good selection of local kimchi stores and cafes just a stone's throw away. The pension was family owned and operated which was also a nice touch and enhanced the experience for us!

The accommodation was spread over two floors, with the master bedroom and balcony upstairs, and the bathroom, sofa bed, and lounge area downstairs. You were able to open up the doors downstairs, and walk straight into the small pool, or sit out on a private area of the deck. Just ahead was a small enclosed area where the dogs were able to run around, which was great. 

Just a short walk away was Hyangiram Hermitage, which offered spectacular views but also held this off-the-grid tranquil ambiance which is hard to find these days, especially living in a city. On the walk up to the temple, there were a handful of friendly street vendors, where you could buy locally made crafts or food. So much detail had gone into the stonework on the way up to the temple, as well as offering a step back in time, through a small tunnel which was carved through the rocks. 

Hyangiram Hermitage. Photo: travel-stainland.

After the visit to the temple, I stopped by a local Korean restaurant and ordered a local seafood pancake. This was served with a side of spring onion Kimchi which was made on-site. The pancake was superb, and the flavors were subtle, but succulent, leaving you feeling full afterward. This, with the accommodation and local vendors, offers a real sense of the saying "local community".

Traditional Korean seafood pancake. Photo: Lewis Hooper

Another great experience (and one that I would recommend) is a visit to Bangsukpo BeachHere, I was able to let my dogs off leash and enjoy their first trip to the beach. The smiles on their faces made it all worthwhile. The view over the bay was spectacular and the water was also very still. It reminded me a lot of the Riviera and not something that I would have expected in Korea. The water was warm, and it was a safe area to unleash the dogs. There were also a handful of local fishermen standing on the dock, catching small fish to big crabs. 

Bangsukpo Beach Yeosu-si. Photo: Lewis Hooper.

Overall, the weekend trip was amazing, as it offered a dog-friendly stay, but also so many different and incredible experiences! If you are looking to step away from a stressful busy city lifestyle for a few days, I would thoroughly recommend visiting Yeosu-si. Likewise, if you are traveling around Korea, this really is a hidden gem and one not to miss!

Comment below, on the places in Korea that you would like to visit or hear about!


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