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Anchors Flood Our Twitter Feed During Our FIRST HORI7ON Giveaway!

Hori7on Anchors from Anchors Pinagpala (Philippines) flooded our Twitter feed last night as we ran our first collaboration giveaway! We were excited to announce, during a live chat room event, two winners who came away with Hori7on gift packages! Read on to find out more about this memorable event!

After a weeklong giveaway, Anchors from the Hori7on Filipino community, Anchors Pinagpala, participated in the #SIX7EENChallenge in order to enter the giveaway! The Hori7on gift pack included their new album "Friendship", photo cards from their debut concert in Seoul, and hand banners! Here are the top 10 #SIX7EENChallenge entries according to Anchors Pinagpala!

Among the 121 participants who entered, these top 10 really stood out! A total of 99 entries were added to our list of eligible entries and we picked two winners via a live raffle as the winners!

We were excited that such a young and vibrant fanbase was there to support both of our communities! We hope everyone had a great time and would love to give out more merchandise in the future! If you have any ideas on content or giveaway items, please comment below! Make sure to follow us on Hey Roomie to keep updated on new giveaways!


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