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Black Magic Used Against Jungkook!! How do you deal with these people?

BTS members are the most loved boyband members right now. Their famous fans, ARMY, is the biggest fandom in the world and they are protective of the Bangtan Boys.

But just as BTS have fans, they also have haters.

Today's topic is a bit sensitive, which belongs to BTS member Jungkook, but it can also be related to other BTS members.

● What happened?

There have been photos, videos, and tweets that have been circling the web of the Bangtan Boys being under threat from an unknown girl who suddenly appeared. At first, this girl appeared on Tiktok and Twitter distorting BTS pictures in a very ugly way, and she posted a clip claiming that she has been casting black magic on Jungkook and in return, made the ARMY fear that something would happen to him.

The video she posted looked very scary.

● How did ARMYs react to this?

The topic of this girl became big and reached worldwide, and it spread like wildfire. In the comments of the video that the girl posted, she received a great attack from the global ARMY and the Arab ARMY in particular by reporting her social media accounts.

● What was that girl's response?

After that, the girl published a small clip on TikTok containing a warning sentence about people reporting her accounts. It looked like a threat. Of course, the issue grew and it reached BTS's management to take action and resolve the issue.

Did ARMYs and netizens take other action against it?

This girl was subjected to a great attack by ARMYs, and many kept praying for Jungkook not to be harmed. The warnings spread everywhere to the point that a foreign ARMY went to the account of this girl's mother on Instagram and told her that her daughter was doing black magic and explained everything to the mother.

● What happened to that girl after that? Has she stopped what she was doing?

There have been updates saying that the mother of the girl who had been performing the black magic thanked the ARMY for reaching out to her and warned her against her daughter's deeds.

● Did this girl apologize?

In fact, the mother punished her daughter and took her phone from her after the girl apologized to everyone and said that she was only joking stating that they were just scented candles and that she did not know anything about magic.

● But why did she do that from the beginning?

There has been no confirmation as to why the black magic is being performed, but there was buzz online stating that the girl doesn't want Jungkook to date, anyone. Or maybe, she just wanted to get the member's attention, especially since she was tagging BTS on all her videos

Check out the tweets here:

● Finally, what we can do in these situations?

Finally, our company support and helps to save BTS's reputation, and we saw this has happened several times before, but next time, those situations must be taken seriously! If something like this happens again please report this person. If you see any sensitive content related to BTS and their privacy, please do not spread it further and REPORT to Big Hit instead. Below are details regarding how to report malicious comments; please follow the format provided.

(to protect BTS) ONLY.

E-mail: E-mail Subject Title: Artist name

E-mail Content:

1. Date of the post (year, month, day, time) 2. Platform and URL of the post (i.e YouTube, Twitter, etc) 3. Owner of the post (Nickname, ID, etc) 4. The IP address of the post (if possible) 5. Contents: Description of what the content is or the actual content itself 6. Others: If there are any photos, videos, and other screenshots you would like to send, please attach them.

Do you think what this girl did was to gain attention? If this happened to you, what would you have done? Let us know!


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