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[Breaking News] HYBE Announces LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam's Contract Termination

JULY 20 -- In shocking news, K-pop girl group LE SSERAFIM's management agency, Hybe/Source Music, has announced the termination of the group's member Kim Garam.

Kim Garam (Hybe/Source Music)

The agency released an official statement as follows:

"Hello, this is HYBE/SOURCE MUSIC.
We would like to provide you with information on the decision made in regards to LE SSERAFIM member Kim Garam and plans for the future activities of LE SSERAFIM.
Our company has decided to terminate the exclusive contract with Kim Garam.
We extend our sincerest apologies to our fans and to those who have shown love and support to the group for causing you concern over the controversy involving the member.
LE SSERAFIM will continue their activities as a five-member group, and we will spare no effort to support the group to grow further as artists through their music and performance. Thank you. "

(Source: SBS Star)

The previous six-member group, which consists of members from Japan and Korea, was under investigation by netizens demanding that their management company, HYBE, look into 2nd announced member, Kim Garam's (born 2005) sexual social media posts and her history of school bullying.

On May 19, a legal representative of the alleged bullied victim released a lengthy statement claiming LE SSERAFIM member, Kim Garam, received formal penalization for the bullying of a classmate in 2018.

Kim Garam, 2nd announced member of LE SSERAFIM, accused of school bullying (Hybe/Source Music)

LE SSERAFIM wowed fans with their May 2, 2022 debut from their 1st mini album "Fearless".

Wow! This is shocking news! What do you think about this decision? Let us know!


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