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BTS's "Dynamite" music video reaches 1.8 billion views! And what it means to ARMY!

"Dynamite", the iconic song by global K-pop sensation BTS, has now become the fastest music video by a K-pop act to reach 1.8 billion views on YouTube! It was revealed earlier last week (February 23, 2024) The music video is also their most-watched, to date! Let's get into the details!

Not only is this song catchy, and has incredible dance moves, but it is also relatable in both Korean and English with its bilingual lyrics.

As for the single "Dynamite", BTS released this song at the peak of the pandemic. The intention behind the disco-pop song was to spread some cheer when the world was feeling down, and it certainly did for me! Though the song was released to spread some cheer, it quickly became a sensation, taking over several musical charts all over the world!

BTS Dynamite Poster. Photo:
BTS Dynamite Poster. Photo:

Now, the members of BTS are doing their mandatory military service in Korea, but the boy band is set to make a comeback in 2025. I for one, cannot wait for this to happen!

Let us know what the song Dynamite means to you, and if it helped you through the COVID-19 pandemic in the comments below!


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