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BTS safety! And magic in Busan! Jimin's Dad's café and BTS' Concert!

ARMY's dream has come true!

There are a lot of BTS fans around the world who all wished to attend a BTS concert once to see the members, but some of them may not have enough money or time to attend a concert! So what happened when their wish came true?

Most of the posts on social media speak about the latest breaking news about

BTS Busan concert "Yet To Come" that will be held on October 15, at Busan Ilgwang special stage in Gijang-gun.

HYBE and BIGHIT Music are officially holding the concert for free! Although the concert will be free of charge, reservations will be required. The goal behind it is to give more interest and support to the WORLD EXPO 2030 BUSAN KOREA.

In Busan, ARMYs can also visit BTS Jimin's dad's cafe.

ARMYs in the hotel next to where the concert is going to be held, have posted some bright lists and lights with the name of BTS on their windows. The lights that ARMY hung looked cool, especially at night when they light up with BTS names they are the greatest fans!

The other ARMYs also search for nearby hotels for the BTS concert in Busan.

And many of the tweets in which ARMYs get to know each other meet in Busan after getting the concert ticket and going to Korea.

Although the concert is free, not all BTS fans will be able to come to Korea, so there will be an online broadcast of the concert on Weverse.

There are some bad points!

Because it is a free concert, people are worried about how Busan has acted and how unprepared they seem to be so far. Did you know that Busan’s stadium can’t be used since the roof is leaking and they didn’t fix it in time because of mismanagement? Poor planning and the physical location of the venue make it difficult for fans to attend the event. The arena is located in a residential area with a big open space with sand surrounded by water. The nearest subway station is a 20 min walk, there’s one major road and seemingly no parking.

"I will also add that if +praying nothing happens) If something happens, who do you think will get blamed? That being said, We’ll just mention that HYBE (not Busan) has proven that they know how to put on concerts, and they’ll do everything they can to make this a huge success. "

- Twitter user

So let’s all hope those 100K plus people can attend the concert and be safe.

That is one of the major questions Koreans have had for some time now.

We weren't aware of any of this! Seeing all the threats they have gotten in the past weeks, it's even scarier now. Not only for their safety but for all the ARMY attending. Hopefully, HYBE saw their emails and will take their safety even more seriously and be aware at all times.

What’s important is that everyone, BTS and the audience, can have fun and enjoy the concert and then come home safely! Let’s pray for a successful BTS concert in Busan! Fighting!


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