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Cha Sung Jae rises from the dead! Oh, the surprises are too much for us to handle! ["Hide" ep. 3 & 4]

Hold on to your popcorn everyone! We have a new winner in this year's Spring K-drama must-watch list! Coupang Play's new mystery/suspense/thriller Hide has us clutching our seats in anticipation! We break down what really surprised us in the latest episodes!

Unwilling to back down and digging deeper into her missing husband's case, Na Moon Young (Lee Bo Young), is tough as nails in the latest episodes of Hide! Surrounded by suspicious characters, Moon Young doesn't know who to trust as she dives deeper into whether her husband, Cha Sung Jae (Lee Mu Saeng The Glory Part 2 2023), really committed suicide for the insurance payout or if is there something more!


Cha Sung Jae is not really "dead"

Not alarming anyone who has been paying attention to the story. Cha Sung Jae hasn't convinced many viewers that he is actually "dead". Earlier on at the end of episode 2, we see that he was the one who fired the rifle at Do Jin Woo (Lee Min Jae Crash Course in Romance 2023) while he was on his way to meet Na Moon Young, therefore his appearance in episode 3 isn't exactly shocking. Followed up by his explanation of proving his innocence is something we're not quite sure of...yet.

What really IS SHOCKING!

In episode 3 there are some undertones that we weren't aware of, especially that of Cha Sung Jae's parents! We are given more insight into how exactly, Cha Sung Jae's father runs his law firm and his real intentions. What is even more shocking is when we find out that his mother, Park Myung Hee, has sent a decoy toothbrush to throw off the police's investigation of her missing son! How does she fit into the missing piece that is her son's disappearance, and why? And why does her husband seem to have no clue?

Just when we thought this was it! There's more!

Just when thought the story revealed most of its cards, we were thrown in a loop at the end of episode 4! Han Yeon Joo (Lee Chung Ah Celebrity 2023), Na Moon Young's kind neighbor, takes off her mask and reveals her true self! Is she the mastermind behind everything? Could she be the one watching every move Na Moon Young makes? How could she have know that Cha Sung Jae wasn't dead? There are so many questions to ask that keeps our heads spinning!

So what are your thoughts about Hide so far? Comment below with your theories on what will happen next!


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