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Evil has a way of finding itself back into Do Do Hee's life! ["My Demon" Ep. 15 breakdown]

One of our favorite K-dramas of the winter, My Demon, is unfortunately, coming to a conclusion! But just as we are about to wrap up a good-feeling ending, K-dramaland has a way of throwing a wrench into the plot! We break down what happened in episode 15 that had us holding our breaths!

Good triumphs over evil?

A short while after the disappearance of Noh Suk Min when he falls off the tower by letting go of Jeong Gu Won's (Song Kang) hand, everything starts to fall back in place. Do Doo Hee's (Kim You Jung) resemblance of a normal life before meeting Gu Won starts to reappear. Meanwhile, Gu Won knows that his time with Do Hee is limited and is pondering how to end things with her.

Surprisingly, we're not sure whether Do Hee is oblivious to what Gu Won's true nature as a demon is, she just finds out the meaning of the clocks behind his office are all the contracts he has made with humans and is shocked at the truth. Anyway, Gu Won meets with Do Hee and through a very sad dialogue, tells her that they won't be able to spend Christmas together. Something that Do Hee really wanted to do with him. Without a "goodbye", Gu Won turns around and let's go of Do Hee's hand.

Do Hee knows everything!

Devastated, Do Hee cries her eyes out and tries to move on with her life. But every morning is a reminder of Gu Won as she wishes him back in her bed and her apartment. She throws herself into her work pretending everything is okay. Unable to control her emotions any longer, she drives to Gu Won's office only to be met with Park Bok Gyu, his assistant. Seeing her grief, he gives her the cross necklace that used to be Gu Won's. Later that night, while sleeping, something magical happens. Do Hee is brought back to the time when she first meets the human Gu Won during the Joseon era! Now she knows everything we know!

Noh Suk Min returns from the dead!

Just when Do Hee is about to return to the riverside where she met the human form of Gu Won, evil strikes. As she gets into her car in the parking lot of her apartment complex, Noh Suk Min strikes out from her backseat and attacks Do Hee! When Do Hee recovers consciousness, she is bound up and surprised to see that Noh Suk Min has a new face (we kind of think he looks like Two Face from Batman)! Apparently, he burned his own face so that the devil won't be able to find him. Wanting to take revenge, Noh Suk Min stabs Do Hee in the leg in order to get Gu Won to come out from hiding. But before Suk Min has the chance to kill Do Hee, Gu Won appears!

Armed with the Devil's rage, Gu Won uses his powers to drop a concrete slab onto Noh Suk Min (even though he knows that if he kills a human, he will burn away). Do Hee begs Gu Won not to kill Suk Min since she is fine and Gu Won removes the concrete block on top of Noh Suk Min. As Do Hee is telling Gu Won that she is "okay", Noh Suk Min emerges with a gun and shoots Do Hee in the back! (Whoa! Where did this come from and how is Noh Suk Min okay after a concrete slab falls on him?) As Do Hee lays unconscious in his arms, he kills Noh Suk Min (or not?) with his powers.

Gu Won saves himself

With the ultimate sacrifice, Gu Won uses his powers to save Do Hee by sacrificing himself. He claims that he "saved himself" since he wanted to end his being as a demon for the woman he loves! While holding each other, Gu Won burns away. The episode ends with Do Hee crying hysterically.

Wow! What do you think will happen in the finale? We can't wait to find out!


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