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Fans are going Song Kang crazy as the actor stars in two simultaneous hit Netflix series!

South Korean actor Song Kang is hitting social media like a firestorm as fans can't get enough of the star! The superstar actor is currently the lead of two of the hottest Netflix dramas out now, Sweet Home 2 and My Demon. We break down how Song Kang can show two completely different sides of himself and what fans are saying!

Song Kang in "My Demon" (left) and "Sweet Home 2" both airing now (Netflix)
Song Kang in "My Demon" (left) and "Sweet Home 2" both airing now (Netflix)

Charismatic and cool Song Kang

Still from "My Demon" episode 3 (SBS)
Still from "My Demon" episode 3 (SBS/Netflix)

Displaying his cool and chic side, Song Kang plays the self-absorbed demon in My Demon. Only caring about his survival as a "god", he is willing to prey on human misfortunes. The only twist is when a beautiful CEO, Do Do Hee (Kim You Jung) approaches him with an ultimatum, get married to her to get his powers back! You can read more about My Demon here!

Juvenile half-monster Song Kang

Still from "Sweet Home 2" (Netflix)
Still from "Sweet Home 2" (Netflix)

Still finishing his last year in high school, Song Kang portrays a loner high school student, Cha Hyun Su. After succumbing to school bullying and losing both his parents in a car accident, Hyun Su falls into depression. Throughout the series, he is very timid but is willing to help out his neighbors when the monsters start to take over the Green Home Apartments.

What fans are raving about!

With both dramas airing at the same time, fans can't get enough of the young budding actor! Some are even comparing his "dark" and "light" side depending on his character in each drama!

Fans are also raving about the visuals in My Demon!

So which Song Kang character do you like more? Let us know in the comments below!


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