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Go Big or Go Home: Reminiscing FATED NIGHT with KmmunityPH

The first weekend of February called for nothing but celebration, especially if you are a fan of K-Pop sensation Enhypen.  Enhypen is a seven-member K-Pop boy group that has stolen and found a home in the hearts of many Filipino and international fans with their charming personalities, charismatic performances, and crazy talent.

You may recognize them from their BYS Fanmeet last December 2022 or their Manifesto Tour held in Mall of Asia (MOA) Arena last February. Last February 3, they held their Philippines stop and the conclusion of their Fate Tour at the New Clark City Stadium, with fans from all over the world traveling and preparing fanbase gifts for their favorite group. This concert left both the members and their fans, known as Engenes, both excited and nostalgic, as everyone reminisces the events from that evening and look forward to Enhypen’s continued success in the future.

In the vibrant aftermath of ENHYPEN's sensational Fate World Tour, the excitement continued to reverberate with the much-anticipated FATED NIGHT afterparty. And, of course, found at the scene of the “crime” was none other than Globe KmmunityPH. Let’s look back at this amazing event that KmmunityPH was once again able to organize for these K-Pop fanatics and what else we can expect from them as they continue to redefine the K-Culture scene in the Philippines.

Attention, please! Reliving the Fate concert experience through FATED NIGHT 

Magic, music, and memories—the perfect set of alliterations to describe not just Enhypen's Fate Tour, but also the FATED NIGHT that followed. Held a day after the concert, FATED NIGHT proved to be a memorable celebration, uniting Engenes in an unforgettable night of music, games, and memories.

Featuring DJ sets and performances from AC3, Project Z, A Class, and Trainee Æ, FATED NIGHT brought Engenes back to the night of the concert, mixing their own renditions of Enhypen’s hit songs. As the dance floor was being filled by excited and talented Engenes, Jinro ensured that the good times kept rolling with free-flowing drinks throughout the afterparty. Engenes raised their glasses to the beats of ENHYPEN, creating a lively and celebratory atmosphere.

However, the party did not stop there. Thanks to Globe and sponsors such as Padieyon, Koryanamerch, and Littlethingsmnl, Engenes were treated to an array of free merch, leaving fans with even more memorabilia from such an impactful weekend. The souvenirs became cherished tokens of the night, serving as a reminder of the incredible moments shared among the Engene community.

FATED NIGHT showcased the unyielding passion of Engenes and the collaborative spirit of those who made the event possible. As the night concluded with cheers, laughter, and promises of future gatherings, it marked a chapter in the Engene community's ongoing journey of shared love for Enhypen.

Shout Out: The Team behind FATED NIGHT, KmmunityPH 

This would not be possible without our K-Culture mastermind, KmmunityPH. Fueled by their love for Korean culture and their desire to share and curate immersive experiences for the Filipino community, who has always taken an interest in anything and everything Korean, KmmunityPH has grown into a household name.


If you remember the fan meets of coveted Korean actors Ro Woon and Kim Seon Ho or the spontaneous ticket raffle for NCT 127's NEO CITY: BULACAN - THE UNITY World Tour, then it’s safe to say that you have Globe KmmunityPH to thank. You might have even taken part in their most recent success, the K-leidoscope weekend, featuring not only a myriad of gimmicks such as dance classes and watch parties, but also a plethora of Korean fandoms. From our point of view, it is an understatement that KmmunityPH is capable of organizing unforgettable events for the Korean-loving Filipino. Plus, you don’t need to be a die-hard fan or a well-seasoned Korean expert to join in on the fun. Whether you're a beginner to K-culture, a seasoned enthusiast engrossed in K-drama marathons, or an amateur K-food cook with a growing interest in Korean cuisine, Globe KmmunityPH will definitely have something for you.

Foreshadow: Upcoming KmmunityPH Events to look out for!

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