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Gu Won rescues Do Hee from the brink of death! ["My Demon" Ep. 6 reaction!]

If you have been watching one of the most popular K-dramas of this winter season, My Demon, then you will know not to take each episode for granted! We break down what happened in the latest episode and what made our hearts jump to our throats! Read on to find out what happened!


Just when we thought the relationship between Do Do Hee (Kim You Jung 20th Century Girl 2022) and her supposed "bodyguard"/demon companion, Jeong Gu Won (Song Kang Sweet Home 2020), starts to drift further apart, BANG! A cataclysmic event happens to draw them even closer! The two leads showed signs of irritability and hostility at the end of episode 5 and decided to move on with their lives, without each other. But, of course, this is a romance K-drama, so something MUST HAPPEN to bring them back together right? You bet!

We find out that the stalker who scratches his neck at the end of episode 5 finds his way into Do Do Hee's home and attempts to kill her leaving us on a cliffhanger (quite literally!). Who is there to save her? Well, the start of episode 6 shows us that although Gu Won wants to live his own life without Do Hee, the fact that his powers and his tattoo are still on her arm and that whenever she is in danger, he will have to protect her! Racing to her home (recklessly, we don't promote dangerous driving, by the way) he saves her just in time as the bed sheet rips and he falls over the railing holding on to her.

A new second lead male character emerges!

Like all K-dramas, a new second male character emerges to fight Gu Won for the right to Do Hee's hand! Ju Seok Hoon (Lee Sang Yi Bloodhounds 2023) emerges as Do Do Hee's longtime male friend and works for Mirae Group. He also rushes to Do Hee's house as soon as he learns Gu Won has just saved her from falling off of her apartment. Seok Hoon makes it clear to Gu Won, in a private conversation, that he is interested in Do Hee and that Gu Won should "back off" and tell him what is going on between them.

Two proposals (at the same time!)

In quite a hilarious twist, right after Gu Won saves Do Hee from falling, Seok Hoon steps aside to talk to her on her balcony asking her to open up and to lean on him for support. In the process, he proposes to her holding out his hand. Just then, Gu Won steps right next to Seok Hoon and offers his hand in marriage as well creating quite a scene as we burst out laughing!

Who do you think she chose? Well, I think we can all agree she made the right decision!

Do Do Hee finally realizes who wants her dead!

As episode 6 comes to a close, Do Hee pieces the puzzle together as she finally realizes who her stalker has been all this time! There's too much work to be done as the two newlyweds tail one of Mirae Group's ownership members, Noh Do Gyeong! Suspicious enough, Do Gyeong always seems to be smirking or finding ways to do something evil to those around him!

So let us know your thoughts about this episode! Did it intrigue you enough to watch it? Comment below!


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