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Han So-hee Imitates Jungkook! Netizens React To Han So Hee’s New Piercings!

Actress Han So Hee sparks controversy with lip piercing and is accused of imitating Jungkook!

In a surprising turn of events, popular actress Han So Hee found herself at the center of a social media storm after she unveiled her new lip piercing. The unexpected move caused confusion among her fans, with many speculating that she was imitating Jungkook, a member of the renowned K-pop group BTS.

Han So Hee took to her Instagram account to share the news of her piercing, posting a story and a picture that quickly divided her followers.

While some expressed concern that the lip piercing could hinder her acting abilities, as it may affect her speech, others applauded her for trying something new and drew comparisons to Jungkook, who is known for his distinctive piercings.

However, the actress addressed the controversy during a livestream on September 25, where she spent time interacting with her fans. Han So Hee revealed that she had actually gotten more piercings on her face, with one particularly catching fans' attention located under her eye. She clarified that she had taken the opportunity to experiment with her appearance while on vacation, but reassured her supporters that she would remove the lip piercing when it came time to work, as it could potentially interfere with her acting responsibilities.

Actress Han So Hee shows off her new tattoos and piercings (Korea Sports Today)
Actress Han So Hee shows off her new tattoos and piercings (Korea Sports Today)

"I recently finished filming for 'Gyeongseong Creature,' scheduled for release in December. While I'm currently not without work, I'm adjusting my schedule to prioritize rest and avoid placing excessive strain on my body,"

— Han So Hee stated during the live stream.

The actress's decision to explore a new look has sparked a mixed response from fans and the public alike. As the release of her upcoming project draws near, all eyes will be on Han Sohee to see how her lip piercing may impact her performance on-screen. Only time will tell if this bold choice will pay off or become a temporary distraction for the talented actress.

Please let us know your thoughts about Han So Hee's new piercings! Comment below!


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