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Jay Park "Needs To Know" with New Single Teaser

(Cha Cha Malone's Instagram, 2022)

Former K-pop idol and leading K-Hip Hop and R&B star Jay Park is set to come back with a brand new song. This new single is called "Need to Know" and is set to be released on Tuesday, July, 12th. Park released a few teaser images on Instagram earlier this week, but he released the teaser video early Friday morning which you can check out below!

While Park has released a steady amount of singles this year, this marks his second solo single. He released a popular pop duet with IU called "Ganadara" earlier this year that has amassed over 19M views on Youtube. And his first single this year was a rap-focused single called "To Life" whose lyrics focused on his growth and success in recent years. Park started his career as a member of JYP's 2PM over 10 years and emerged in the K-Pop industry to become a Hip-Hop and R&B powerhouse. After founding his AOMG record label a couple of years ago, he constantly releases new music as well as manages a new artisan Soju business, Won Soju.

(Won Spirits, 2022)

His latest release seems to be an R&B single produced by his long-time B-Boy friend, producer, and colleague Cha Cha Malone. This is their second collaboration this year after "To Life", though this makes to be an R&B venture based on the teasers. Will this song be the song of the summer? Let us know what you think below!


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