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Jimin Drops His "Like Crazy" Poster + Jimin's EOTD!

Following his outstanding solo debut for "Set Me Free", BTS's Jimin is back this week to drop his second single from his debut album "Face" with "Like Crazy"! A post by Big Hit Music at midnight on March 20 showed an emotionally drained "Jimin" sitting at a kitchen table with his head down.

"Like Crazy" is scheduled to be released this Friday, March 24 at 1 PM KST/0 AM ET. Jimin enjoyed 27 million views on his "Set Me Free" music video release this past weekend in just 48 hours! You can be sure this next song will be equally impressive!

Getting into the mood of his new album, Jimin also posted his Emotion Of The Day (EOTD) on his Twitter account. At the beginning of the week, how are you feeling? Let us know using Jimin's EOTD!

It seems like the singer is emotionally well as he also posted himself with his dance crew right after shooting "Set Me Free"! We're so happy that Jimin is in a good mood! Hopefully, this will translate into amazing performances and songs for fans!

Let us know how you're feeling this week! Does this give you a boost in energy? Share your thoughts with us!

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Marìa Graniel
Marìa Graniel
Apr 13, 2023

Set me free pt.2 se merece la cantidad de vistas que tiene, es increíble.

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