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Jimin's "Like Crazy" Feels Like A Dream Come True!

Have you ever gone out and had the perfect night where you enjoyed good music and company, and perhaps, met that special someone? Jimin's new single from his new album "FACE" "Like Crazy" just proved that you can have all those things and perhaps, it feels more than a dream. The much anticipated single debuted on Friday, March 24 at 1 PM KST and even had a little introduction made by Jimin himself to get fans prepared! Let's take a look!

With amazing smooth beats and a soothing voice, Jimin did it again as he used his boyish charm to melt the audience's hearts! Reminiscent of older disco vibes, but with a modern twist, "Like Crazy" proved that no matter what Jimin touches, will turn to gold!

Partnered with some amazing dreamy visuals with Jimin walking through the club and having a great time on the dance floor, the music video gave a realistic look into what a great night out should look like!

What did you think about the music video? Did you expect this? Let us know!

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