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Jungkook Caught Smoking in Qatar !?

After BTS's Jungkook returned from his influential performance "Dreamers" at the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, the music and video for "Dreamers" have been smashing new records every day! But recently, Jungkook has been trending for an entirely different reason!

A picture surfaced in which Jungkook can be seen smoking a cigarette while smiling in public surfaced on the internet. Taking one look at the photos, ARMYs were initially shocked and refused to believe that it was actually Jungkook smoking in public!

Photos of Kamenashi Kazuya in 2016

A common reply for many ARMYs

However, upon closer review, they didn’t find Jungkook's tattoo on his hand, so they discovered that it wasn't the "Dreamers Korean singer Jeon Jungkook", but, instead, Japanese actor and Japanese pop star Kamenashi Kazuya.

JK's hand tattoo

Tweets of replying

At first, it appears that the man is Jungkook because of the slight similarity in his facial features with Kamenashi Kazuya. In reality, the photos were taken when Kazuya was shooting for a film in 2016.

But who created this trend?

This has called a lot of ARMYs attention because a fan of JK tweeted Kamenashi Kazuya, the Japanese actor, singer, and dancer, the pictures and said that he looks like Jungkook.

And what attracted everyone's attention was the fact that he was smoking on the street.

A Quora user

But is BTS Jungkook currently smoking?

Despite groupmates Suga, Jimin, and V, who have been caught smoking several times by fans, the other four members don’t smoke and have never smoked even once. They even expressed their distaste for cigarrettes and smoking in general.

Speaking about Jungkook, he stated that his dad is an active smoker and he hates it.

Jungkook once met a smoking ARMY in the street, and he suggested her to stop smoking.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the smoking rate for Korean men age 19 and over reached a record low 33 percent in 2020. The smoking rate for Korean women aged 19 and over was 5.5 percent, which was also down from the previous year at 5.9 percent.

Are you glad that Jungkook isn't really smoking? If you see your favorite idol smoking, would you ask/plead them to stop? Let us know in the comments!

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