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K-drama Happened in Real Life With This Girl!

In 3&More Season 4, a YouTube reality show, young people from Korea and Malaysia come to Seoul for travel dates, and those who got matched can extend their trips in Seoul.

In this trip, the travelers from Korea and Malaysia will be matched based on their travel MBTI (personality type).

However, on this trip, there was a very special episode, as things did not go as expected at all!! Everything was very touching .. and even saying goodbye in the final episode was difficult even though they only spent a few days with each other!

The travel and blind date show often showed glimpses of traveling to a romantic destination and coincidentally sitting next to each other on the train and suddenly falling in love and changing their plans by extending their ticket! Also, two guys fell in love with the same girl! Yes! This actually happened although the girl knew about it and tried not to hurt any of their feelings.

We often see scenes like this in a movie or a K-drama, but in this season, we saw that happen in real life!!

By Instgram : @blimeytoyou

They was respecting each other culture, differences, and religion.

Those amazing guests for #Blimey Studio was :


Sharyfah Nur Dyana

Instgram : @deealimin


Alisha Binti Akim Affandi

Instgram : @sha.nyy


Muhammad Iyzdham

Instgram : @lyzdham


Kim dong-hwan

Instgram: @nov_lion



Instgram: @whatdongyoumean

Check out the first episode :

So, will they change the flight ticket for each other!?

After watching these episodes do you believe in Korean dramas and movies or do you think it is still unrealistic? Comment below!

Stay tuned for upcoming news about the full summary of these episodes!

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really an interesting show even though there are some negative comments about this show because there are participants who are various Muslims, but I think this is still interesting

Manar Aly
Manar Aly
2023년 1월 18일
답글 상대:

Yes, I have read the comments. Dating for Muslims is forbidden, but when you see these episodes, you will see them getting to know each other only and sharing the culture of the two countries (differences and similarities). I see that there is no problem in getting to know each other. This program introduces us to new things that Muslims may encounter in Korea.. and introduces us to other cultures, and this is what will be written in the summary of these episodes. Thanks for your comment!😊

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