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K-pop fans disappointed with Jeon Somi's new cosmetic line and scandal!

Former I.O.I. member and solo artist Jeon Somi has been put under the microscope after the launch of her cosmetic line, Glyf, on April 2, 2024! K-pop fans showed their displeasure at the singer's new endeavor as well as her off-the-stage antics! Read on for more on this issue!

K-pop superstar Jeon Somi launched her cosmetics brand, Glyf, which featured a highlighter palette on Tuesday but was met with some criticism due to its high price relative to its quality. The high price of 40,000 KRW (USD 30) per palette set was met with some scrutiny by fans since a normal palette set costs around 20,000 KRW (USD 15). Because of this issue, the original sale price started at 30,000 KRW (USD 22) during the product's launch.

Of course, purchasing the product is up to the buyer's discretion. Moreover, it was the no-refund policy after purchasing the product that had fans outraged. There were also complaints about the quality of the case compared to the price offered.

Too much skin!

Just a day after the launch of her cosmetics brand, Jeon Somi was also under fire for showing "inappropriate" photos of herself and her good friend Chaeyoung from Twice! Chaeyoung posted a photo of the two in a photo booth lifting their shirts in a fun teasing sort of manner. While the template and frame of the photo covered most of the picture, Somi's chest and bra were exposed leaving a sour taste in many Korean netizens stating "inappropriate public behavior".

Many netizens claimed that since the two idols were in a public space where many CCTV cameras were present, it would cause an issue if the footage were to be leaked. However, some netizens supported the girls' fun behavior stating that the girls were just having fun.

What are your thoughts about this issue? Should idols be weary of their public behavior, even though some photo booths might offer some privacy? Also, what about Chaeyoung posting the photos on her social media? Do you think that was wise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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