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Meet the Girls of HYBE's New Girl Group I'LL-IT: Rising Stars Chosen Worldwide on "R U Next?"

Following a tense showdown on R U Next?'s highly anticipated grand finale, which took place on September 1, featuring 10 formidable finalists vying for a coveted spot in the group, HYBE, the force behind BTS and numerous other international sensations, has unveiled the fresh faces of its new girl group, I'LL-IT! Fans from all around the world participated in the poll, which is a clear indication of the group's global appeal. The suspenseful episode, which was broadcast on Weverse LIVE, JTBC (Korean television network), ABEMA (Japanese broadcasting service), and other platforms, saw Yunah, Minju, Moka, Youngseo, Wonhee, and Iroha emerge as the winners following a 10-week journey filled with difficulties and tenacity.

The name "I'LL-IT" itself has great meaning since it combines the words "I will" and "It." "I will" stands for an unyielding independent spirit and an adventurous will, while "It" stands for a mysterious and singular creature. Such a concept has sparked interest in I'LL-IT, promising a group defined by its distinctive qualities and limitless potential right from its official debut. This name captures the idea that these members have the potential to become anything they aspire to be, depending on what transpires between "I will" and "It."

The process that led to the formation of I'LL-IT was nothing short of amazing, with over 23 million votes submitted by fans worldwide. The last broadcast became a worldwide sensation, enthralling viewers in 182 nations and territories. The group's presence was greatly boosted by social media even before they made their formal debut, as seen by the fact that the official TikTok channel associated with the hashtag "runext" had an astounding 800 million views. Additionally, over a million people followed I'LL-IT on their official social media profiles, highlighting their rising fame under the Belift Lab label. I'LL-IT is ready to create waves as the following international superstar emerges from the HYBE cosmos as the globe impatiently awaits its debut.


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