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Money Heist Korea's "Tokyo" & "Denver" Don't See Eye-to-Eye in the Latest Netflix Movie "Ballerina"!

Grimy, bloody, and action-packed, Netflix's new movie Ballerina starring Jun Jong Seo and Kim Ji Hoon (Money Heist: Korea 2022) debuted this past weekend on October 6, 2023! We break down the storyline and what to watch out for!

Jun Jong Seo stars as Jang Ok Ju, a bodyguard, in Netflix's new movie "Ballerina" (Netflix)
Jun Jong Seo stars as Jang Ok Ju, a bodyguard, in Netflix's new movie "Ballerina" (Netflix)

* Spoilers!

Simple and straightforward, Ballerina tells a tale of two best friends Jang Ok Ju (Jun Jong Seo Money Heist: Korea 2022) and Choi Min Hee (Park Yoo Rim Miraculous Brothers 2023) who could have undertones as lovers. Ok Ju worked as a security guard at a top-notch security agency therefore she excels in physical combat and other physical activities. Min Hee was a ballerina who was suddenly killed. Min Hee was the light of Ok Ju's life as she was usually distant, living alone and minding her own business. Min Hee, on the other hand, had a bright and cheerful personality and always dragged Ok Ju to do things she wasn't comfortable doing.

One night, Ok Ju goes to Min Hee's apartment after receiving a tense phone call from her. Ok Ju finds Min Hee dead in her bathtub. Min Hee had committed suicide and left Ok Ju a note asking her to avenge her death with the only name "Chef Choi". With the only light in her life snatched from her, Ok Ju goes on "rampage mode" to find the ones who made Min Hee take her own life.

Money Heist: Korea Reunited!

A surprising twist we didn't expect: Chef Choi, aka Pro Choi, is Denver from Money Heist: Korea! Portrayed by Kim Ji Hoon, we didn't expect him to be the main villain of the story! Although he was the main focus of the story, he wasn't the top boss of the gang. There's an interesting twist! He was just an underling that had big plans. His charisma and the body of a Greek god made us think that he was the leader of an underground empire, but we were wrong!

Kim Ji Hoon in "Ballerina" (Netflix)
Kim Ji Hoon in "Ballerina" (Netflix)

Without giving away too much of the story, we loved that both of these characters hated each other. With the Money Heist saga becoming so popular, it was good to see these actors in different roles, let alone enemies! In the end, it was a simple and clean revenge. Nothing more, nothing less.

Stream it or skip it?

If you love revenge movies, like I do, this movie is great! Straightforward and to the point, this movie will satisfy your action and blood cravings! If you want a more thought-provoking storyline with twists and turns, this isn't the movie for you. The character development was lacking and background stories were a little weak for my taste. At times, it seemed parts were put in place just to keep the movie on track. Overall, it was a good watch, and if you have a couple of hours to spare, worth it.

Let us know your thoughts on this action/revenge movie! Comment below!


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