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Park Eun Bin Captures South Korea In Her New Role As 'Extraordinary Lawyer Woo'

Only in its second week of airing, 'Extraordinary Lawyer Woo' has captured the attention of South Korea coming in 2nd in Nielsen Korea ratings at 4.032% nationwide following the third episode on July 6. After the first two episodes, which aired on June 29 and June 30 respectively, viewership ratings have exploded over this drama.

Park Eun Bin stars as Woo Young Woo (ENA)

Park Eun Bin, stars as Lawyer Woo Young Woo, a young woman diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), who works at a top law firm. She is a genius that cannot forget what she sees and lacks social skills and empathy.

Korean viewers have been flocking to online cafes expressing their awe at Park Eun Bin's acting skills as she plays the autistic genius. During an interview with Allure Korea, Park Eun Bin breaks down why she chose the role and how she was able to play an autistic person.

In the interview, Park Eun Bin is asked by fans if she got inspiration from an autistic person or whether she was able to create her own character. She responded that she didn't want to copy someone else and decided to create her own character by studying the criteria of how an autistic person generally acts. Furthermore, another question asked Eun Bin how she chose this role and she responded that since she was busy with other roles, she wanted to pick a role that she wanted to play well. She also stated that she wanted to choose a character who was easy to play as an everyday character compared to another role where the character suffered daily. Finally, Park Eun Bin was also asked how she wanted to play her character, Woo Young Woo, where she responded that she wanted her character to be "cute and loving".

Lawyer Woo Young Woo (ENA)

We noticed during the interview, Park Eun Bin showed a little bit of her character in Woo Young Woo with some cute expressions! She definitely created her own character which many fans have fallen in love with!

Check out this behind-the-scenes video!

Extraordinary Lawyer Woo can be streamed right now on Netflix! Let us know your thoughts on this amazing drama! What do you love about her character?


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