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Park Eun Bin's is perfect in new emotionally-charged drama "Castaway Diva"

From the critically acclaimed drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Park Eun Bin dazzles in her new role as a musically talented teenager who gets stranded on a deserted island for 15 years on her way to a musical audition! We break down why Castaway Diva should be at the top of your winter K-drama watch list!

Park Eun Bin stars as musically talented singer, Seo Mok Ha, in "Castaway Diva" (tvN)
Park Eun Bin stars as musically talented singer, Seo Mok Ha, in "Castaway Diva" (tvN)

Synopsis [Spoiler Alert!]

Transporting us back to 2007, Castaway Diva's first episode is full of nostalgic memories for those of us who were attending high school during the early 2000s, including myself! From asking your classmates if you could borrow their "brick" cell phones to using digital camcorders, this drama will definitely bring you back those memorable moments!

Yes, flip phones were a "thing" in 2007 (tvN)
Yes, flip phones were a "thing" in 2007 (tvN)

Seo Mok Ha (Park Eun Bin) is an ordinary high school girl with big dreams. Her goal is to move to Seoul to become a popular K-pop singer. Jung Ki Ho (Moon Woo Jin Oh! Young-Sim 2023) is the new boy in Seo Mok Ha's class. He is cold and is disinterested in making friends. His only goal is to make a lot of money. They both live on a small island called Chunsam Island. Both are in abusive families and fear their fathers. Coming from a dark past, Castaway Diva sets its roots in an emotionally driven story that is unforgettable! We give you three reasons why you should be watching!

1. Emotionally charged characters

Driven by her goal of becoming a diva in the K-pop industry, Seo Mok Ha dives head-on against her naysayers and teams up with the new boy in her class Jung Ki Ho to help her film a music video to enter into a singing audition in Seoul. The two quickly become friends, connecting through traumatic abusive relationships with their fathers.

Lee Re (left) and Moon Woo Jin are excellent as the younger versions of the main leads (tvN)
Lee Re (left) and Moon Woo Jin are excellent as the younger versions of the main leads (tvN)

The sacrifice that Jung Ki Ho makes to get Mok Ha off their island is touching and heart-warming. I personally can attest to the same dreams since I myself have grown up on an island and want more in life. These are characters that I can personally see myself with!

2. Quirky storyline that is somehow entertaining!

No one ever dreams of living on a deserted island. Let alone growing up on one for 15 years. That's exactly what happens to Seo Mok Ha as she is running away from her home, especially from her abusive father, only to find him face down on the beach dead leaving her to fend for herself.

Still  from episode one of "Castaway Diva" (tvN)
Still from episode one of "Castaway Diva" (tvN)

From this point on, I felt that the story could be more uplifting and actually turn into more of a romantic comedy! Haha! As weird as that sounds, from her dead father to be entertained as a random drone finds Mok Ha on the beach, I felt that this could be another quirky drama that I could enjoy!

3. Settle down, it's just a rom-com

After reading comments on the first episode, I saw many fans badgering the storyline and not believing it. I could totally understand since, yes, the set on the island looked too nice and neat and Seo Mok Ha didn't look like she survived 15 years on an island. But let's just settle down and give it a chance right? Let's just enjoy Park Eun Bin's acting and see where it actually takes us before scrambling to our computers and starting to nitpick every detail that doesn't seem "realistic". I've got news for you. "It's not supposed to be realistic!"

I can't wait to see what relationship develops between Seo Mok Ha and the male leads in this story! Let us know your thoughts after watching the first episode! Comment below!


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