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PIXY Dishes Out Positive KARMA In Atlanta!

Updated: May 17

Coming off its recent comeback "KARMA", PIXY recently performed at the Loft at the Center Stage in Atlanta as a part of its 22-stop U.S. tour. Working with a new K-pop tour promoter Leo Presents, PIXY held its WINXY in awe throughout the whole afternoon and evening! Let's take a look at the concert!

PIXY, is described as a group of fairies that lost their wings: Dia (Leader/Main Vocalist), Lola (Main Rapper/Visual), Sua (Sub Vocalist), Dajeong (Lead Vocalist), and Rinji (Main Dancer/Maknae). Previously known viral for its complex choreography and dark sound, the group showed how versatile they could be throughout their 80-minute-long concert. From graceful ballads such as "Still with me (To: Winxy)" to haunting songs such as "Falling", the group did not skip a beat.

Similarities to another darker-themed K-pop group, Dreamcatcher, were immediately apparent. However, despite similar themes, each member put their own stamp on the performance. Between Lola’s and Rinji’s lower register raps and vocals and Sua’s, Dia’s, and Dajeong’s vocals, each song stood out. Unfortunately, because of an injury, Lola was not able to fully perform during the show.

Other highlights included Dia’s solo stage where she covered Camila Cabello’s "Never Be The Same". Despite being alone on stage, her strong stage presence held the crowd in awe!

Fans were able to interact with the idols early; Leo Presents held a full fan sign and group photo session for selected fans prior to the show. After the show, fans were also able to get individual selfies with each member!

After Atlanta, the group moved on to perform two last concerts in Orlando and Tampa before returning to Korea.

Check out our exclusive photos from the show!

Dojeon Media received a complementary media and photo pass for this concert from the promoter Leo Presents. It did not influence its coverage of this event.

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