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"Pop & Play": A PHirst Pop Culture Party! [Event Recap!]

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Pop & Play: A PHirst Pop Culture Party Delights Fans with a Mesmerizing Fusion of K-pop, P-pop, Western Pop, and J-pop!

Hermosa, Bataan – On September 23, 2023, Pop And Play, the ultimate music party of the year, took center stage at PHirst Centrale Hermosa. Organized by PHirst in partnership with Kpop Static Productions, PPOP Music Fest, and Fundom Productions, this event marked a groundbreaking celebration of four diverse and globally beloved music genres: Kpop, Ppop, Western Pop, and Jpop.

The atmosphere was electric as fans from all corners of the Philippines gathered to immerse themselves in a day of musical and cultural festivities. Pop & Play promised an unforgettable experience, and it certainly delivered. From the moment the event kicked off at 2:00 PM until the last note faded away at 9:00 PM, attendees were treated to an array of exciting activities and performances.

🎶 A Diverse Cultural Feast

Pop & Play didn't just celebrate one genre; it embraced a harmonious blend of musical cultures. Attendees had the chance to groove to the captivating beats of K-pop, Western Pop, P-pop, and J-pop throughout the day. Whether you were a fan of BTS, Taylor Swift, SB19, or your favorite J-pop idols, this event had something for everyone!

🌟 Highlights of the Event

🛍️ Lifestyle Bazaar: Attendees immersed themselves in a world of delicious food and exciting finds at the Lifestyle Bazaar. From K-pop merchandise to delectable treats, there was something for every taste.

💃 Random Play Dance: Dance enthusiasts unleashed their inner K-pop idols in the Random Play Dance, where attendees danced to a medley of popular K-pop hits.

🌠 Music Video Listening/Watching Party: Attendees enjoyed a mesmerizing listening and watching party featuring the latest K-pop, J-pop, Ppop, and Western Pop music videos.

🌟 Taylor Swift Performance: The crowd was spellbound by the Taylor Swift Performance starring none other than Taylor Switch, a remarkable tribute act that left fans in awe.

🎯 Fun Games: The excitement continued with various fun games that brought out the competitive spirit in attendees.

🕺 K-pop Idol Look-Alike Special Performance: The event was graced by Nicole Ilagan (Look-Alike of Lia of Itzy), Harvey Lanz (Look-Alike of The8 of Seventeen), and Donna Marzan (Look-Alike of Mia of Everglow), who performed onstage.

📷 K-pop Idol and Kdrama Standees: Attendees snapped photos with life-sized Kpop idol and Kdrama oppa standees, creating memories to cherish.

🏆 Kpop Dance Cover Competition 2023: The main event, the K-pop Dance Cover Competition, showcased incredible talent from across the country. After fierce competition, the winners were announced:

🥇 1st place: PENTELPEN as ENHYPEN - They took home 15,000 pesos, a certificate, and a trophy.

🥈 2nd place: MINX as BLACKPINK - Their impressive performance earned them 10,000 pesos, a certificate, and a trophy.

🥉 3rd place: 5I.VE as WEKI MEKI - They secured 7,000 pesos, a certificate, and a trophy.

The success of Pop & Play demonstrated the unifying power of music, bringing fans of different genres together for a day of celebration, dance, and camaraderie.

🚀 Looking Ahead

Pop & Play 2023 will be remembered as the PHirst Pop Culture Party that set the bar high for future events. With its diverse musical offerings and engaging activities, it left attendees eagerly anticipating the next edition. PHirst, in collaboration with its partners, promises even more surprises and excitement in the years to come!

Keep an eye out for future events, and let's continue celebrating the rich tapestry of pop culture! 🎉


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