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Singer/Actress Bibi Shocks Audiences In Her Debut Action/Thriller "The Worst of Evil"!

Bibi finally makes her debut in the action/thriller The Worst of Evil! We break down her amazing scene with some behind-the-scenes content and what to expect in her role in this very popular drama!

Kim Hyeong Seo, more affectionately called Bibi by her fans, finally makes her character debut in the new Disney+ drama The Worst of Evil! Almost after five episodes, we finally get a glimpse at her character! Let's take a look at her amazing acting skills and what to expect in the upcoming episodes!

* Spoilers!

Cold-hearted and uninterested, Lee Hae Ryeon (Bibi) cooly strolls into the airport with her bodyguard beside her heading right to Park Jun Mo (Ji Chang Wook), the assigned "gangster", to pick her up. As the story unfolds, it turns out that three countries: Japan, China, and Korea, are involved in an international drug trade. Jung Gi Cheul (Wi Ha Joon Little Women 2022), the leader of the Gangnam district asks his now right-hand man, Park Jun Mo, to escort Lee Hae Ryeon, a key Korean-Chinese drug distributor from China to the gang compound. Let's take a look at her premiere scene!

The story has just gotten more complicated! With a three-country drug trade, more evil characters are thrown into the mix! Will Park Jun Mo, an undercover cop, be able to put these heinous criminals behind bars without killing anyone? We don't think so! The violence of this drama suggests that ultimately one of the main characters will either get seriously injured or die. Also, the Gangnam gang is on high alert since there is a rat among the ranks exposing Jung Gi Cheul's ulterior motives to his drug partners!

What about Bibi?

Bibi's cool charismatic character, Lee Hae Ryeon, seems to have a lot of experience in the drug trade industry. A calm collected character is to be expected with some interesting twists! Will there be a romance between her character and Park Jun Mo? We'll have to wait and see to find out! Check out this really cool behind-the-scenes footage of the two filming during the airport scene!

What are your thoughts about Bibi's acting skills? Are you looking forward to more from her? Follow us to stay tuned for what happens! Comment below with your thoughts!


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