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[Skip It Or Stream It?] Red Velvet's Yeri Shows Her Sassy Side In "Bitch x Rich"

The new Netflix/Wavve teenage thriller drama Bitch x Rich just released and we're here to cover all the angles! Should you skip it or stream it? We give you the details! Read on!

Lee Eun Saem (left) and Red Velvet's Yeri star as school rivals in "Bitch x Rich" (Netflix/Wavve)
Lee Eun Saem (left) and Red Velvet's Yeri star as school rivals in "Bitch x Rich" (Netflix/Wavve)


Kim Hye In (Lee Eun Saem Cheer Up 2022) is a high school student from a poor family background. She lives with her father who seems to always be injured and cannot work so she is left to take care of herself. As a result, she works part-time at a convenience store to make ends meet. Hye In hates the fact that she is poor and finds ways to make extra money, including tutoring a rich girl, Kang Na Yeon (Ko Joo Hee Woori The Virgin 2022). Hye In takes advantage of Na Yeon's expensive life and takes photos of herself in Na Yeon's clothes and house while posting them on social media.

After exposing Hye In about her fake lifestyle, Na Yeon applies to the prestigious Cheongdam International High School, which all of South Korea's elite youth attend. Hye In takes revenge by dumping water on Na Yeon during her interview causing a chain reaction of bad events to happen. That night, after witnessing a student falling off the roof of Cheongdam International High School, Hye In is met with a proposal by the school's dean. In exchange for keeping her mouth shut, she is admitted into the prestigious school. And that is where the fun begins!

Skip It or Stream It?

Other than a vulgar title, Bitch x Rich sometimes tries to fast-forward the plot by quickly moving Hye In in and out of situations. After reporting what she witness to the police, we have no idea how the school's dean found out it was her and why he decided to act that way. On the other hand, Lee Eun Saem and Red Velvet's Yeri provide a satisfying back-and-forth rivalry that we can't wait to see will happen! The acting is quite good and with good character development, this drama has potential.

Yeri plays a really good spoiled rich girl (Netflix/Wavve)
Yeri plays a really good spoiled rich girl (Netflix/Wavve)

With only ten episodes (as stated before it streamed), we're not sure if the story will be able to unfold naturally or if will it be quickly packed and finished before the audience has had time to digest what is going on. Only after episode four has Hye In been admitted to the school and with six episodes left, will she have the time to create relationships (good and bad) with the students there?

Overall, Bitch x Rich has the potential to be a really good teenage drama. If you have extra time from other dramas we have recommended, it is not a bad watch! We hope that the story will unfold naturally and will not end too quickly.

Bitch x Rich premiered on May 31, 2023. You can catch it every Wednesday on Netflix/Wavve.

Let us know what you think about this drama! Will you be streaming it? Let us know in the comments below!

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