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Song Joong Ki reflects on mixed opinions on his on-screen romance in new film "My Name is Loh Kiwan"

After a stellar performance in his return to the "big screen", actor Song Joong Ki sat down for an interview to reflect on the mixed opinions from fans about his on-screen relationship with drug-addict and rebellious daughter, Marie (played by Choi Sung Eun Beyond Evil 2021). Let's take a look at how this brilliant actor stood up to his critics!

If you haven't read about how we raved about Song Joong Ki's performance in his latest Netflix film My Name is Loh Kiwan make sure you visit it here! His acting and delivery in the new suspense drama is nothing short of brilliant! If you've seen the movie, his on-screen relationship with a drug-addicted daughter with an estranged father is quite something we've never seen before in a Song Joong Ki film or drama.

In an interview set on March 6, 2024, the actor sat down in a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul to discuss his on-screen relationship with Marie, a Korean-Belgium he meets while trying to receive refugee status in the country.

The first question was about his romance relationship with Marie (Choi Sung Eun). There were several hot and steamy scenes of the two rolling in bed that piqued curiosity from fans. "I think there are some likes and dislikes about the romance part," he said, adding, "I also rejected it at first for that reason."

"I think there are some likes and dislikes about the romance part. I also rejected it at first for that reason." — Song Joong Ki about his relationship with Marie in My Name is Loh Kiwan

We loved how Song Joong Ki is able to answer questions, but also put deep thinking and reasoning behind his words. He explained, "However, it is not a paper cup that a movie throws away after watching it once, just as I was able to relate to and enter the movie after a while. Even if you don't think it's fun and can't relate to it, you may change your mind again over time. I hope so and I hope you enjoy the movie. Of course, if it doesn't change even after a while, that's something I can't help. It's not something I can force." Very true! We also think that a film, especially of this genre, takes several looks to fully understand what is going on screen!

We also loved how he is able to handle criticism by being flexible and how he can adapt to critics, even if they disagree. "I like to listen to opinions, whether it's good or bad. If I don't listen to them, I can't study," he said. When asked if he has any regrets about the criticism he's received from the role he added, "Various reviews are natural. I accept it, not regret."

Song Joong Ki goes on to explain why he decided on choosing this role and why he embraces the criticism. "It can't be a simple numerical value, and it's not easy for me to talk about my work like this, but I want to stamp it as if it's 'Well done' even if it's not 'You did a great job,'" Song Joong Ki said. "It's a subjective, but it's even more so because it's a work that I personally love." From overseas allocation to people from various cultures to the director's first production, it was not an easy production in reality. I think I'm taking half of it with me just because I finished it well. That's why I want to say 'Good job' to you."

We don't want to spoil the movie for you, make sure you check out our review of this amazing film here! We feel that his on-screen romance is justified and makes sense regarding the circumstances that Loh Ki Wan is facing. The two characters come from disruptive and hurt backgrounds and find solace in each other!

Comment with your thoughts on this on-screen relationship between the two leads! Do you agree or disagree? What was your favorite moment?

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