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Song Joong Ki Reveals the Real Reason Why He Is Going Against His Grandfather in 'Reborn Rich'!

The latest episode of Reborn Rich received the highest viewership ratings ever with 14.758% of total nationwide views (Nielsen Korea)! It also reveals the real reason why Song Joong Ki's character, Jin Do Jun, is so adamant about going against his grandfather! We'll break it down for you!

During the 1998 International Monetary Fund (IMF) crisis, Jin Do Jun is still a 20-year-old law student at Seoul National University. In order to hide his identity from his grandfather to secretly invest in multiple businesses to achieve his end goal, he partners up with a global investment company, Miracle Investments, run by Oh Se Hyun, a Korean-American investor who specializes in mergers and acquisitions.

In episode 5, South Korea's largest automaker, Ajin Motors, is in a debt crisis and needs to lay off most of its employees, one of them being, Jin Do Jun's real father. We find out that the reason why Jin Do Jun's real mother passed away was from the stress of Do Jun's father being laid off and couldn't support his family.

"Reborn Rich " Episode 5 still (JTBC)
"Reborn Rich " Episode 5 still (JTBC)

In order to save his real father from losing his job and his mother from passing away, Do Jun's motivation to secure Ajin Motors with an employee buyout and acquisition is the only way to save his family. But the ending also leaves us wondering if Do Jun actually did save his mother?

Tiffany gets more airtime!

Episode 5 also gives Tiffany Young more dialogue and airtime! We're so excited to see her on the big screen! Let's take a look at her scene!

We would love to see Tiffany mature as an actress! What do you think of her skills?

What an amazing episode! Let us know your thoughts!

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Dec 01, 2022

I haven't seen the film yet, but it's on my listt🫶🏻

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