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The Director said, "We won't go out in a run performance, we'll stay" - BTS on Weverse

Here's the summary of J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung's broadcast yesterday on Weverse for Jimin's birthday.

After the BTS concert in Busan, some of BTS's members gathered to open a live broadcast on Weverse to talk about the concert. They also discussed what they might have done differently and they hope that it will not happen again at the next concert. Jungkook explained that he has recently been wearing glasses because his eyesight is getting worse, and Jungkook's mother made soup for Jimin's birthday!

J-Hope: Guys anyway I feel so relieved that you guys watched the Busan concert

Taehyung to Jimin: We're talking about nice things, let's not eat now

Jungkook *grabs a bowl of ramen and eats*

J-Hope: You can look forward to Jin Hyung's single

Taehyung: First of all, Jin Hyung's single is so good!

J-Hope: I heard the director through my headphones saying, "We won't go out in a Run performance, we'll stay on stage."

Jungkook: We won't come off stage during IDOL

Jimin: You can't tell them what we were going to do during the run! As we have to do next time!

J-Hope: But didn't Namjoon reveal it?

Jimin: He didn't give details

Taehyung: Then next time, we'll do it at our next concert

From BTS broadcast on Weverse.

Taehyung: 70% of the comments ask to marry Yoongi 😂 (Yoongi marry me)

Taehyung said he wanted to give concert tickets to ARMYs who couldn't attend, but if he dials an ARMY's number through Weverse and gives it to him, all ARMYs will contact them and their phone will be filled with messages/calls😭

Jungkook said he's been wearing glasses lately because his vision is getting worse

Jimin: On my birthday, I went to my parent's house and they made seaweed soup for me

Jungkook: I also went to my parent's house and had seaweed soup

J-Hope: Why did you drink this soup?

It is a common dish to celebrate one's birthday in Korea.

From BTS broadcast on weverse.

Jungkook: my mom made me soup because it was Jimin hyung's birthday

J-Hope: Your mom is so cute

Jimin: It was like, "Isn't it Jimin's birthday today? Then let's have some soup."

Jimin: I open a broadcast every week, you have to join me next time!

J-Hope: Won't you keep something immortal in your mind from your birthday?

Jimin: Yes, today was very valuable, I congratulated and celebrated my birthday during a party and in my city too!!

Jungkook: Oh I envy you

Jimin: Guys don't worry too much, this isn't the last part of our lives

Taehyung: Honestly, there is no such thing as a "last concert in life"

Jimin: No?

Taehyung: No!

J-Hope: Guys, Taehyung is having a party when he's 70 too!!

"An army question": how's Yontan?

Taehyung: Yonatan is so cute these days

Taehyung: ARMY I miss you

J-Hope, Taehyung, Jimin, and Jungkook at the end of their broadcast on Weverse

J-Hope: Uh-huh* - fast

Jimin: I guess you just cursed? 🤨

J-Hope: No no I was wondering if you won't hurry, hurry up hurry up

Jimin: ok ok 😆

J-Hope: 1 2 3

goodbye 👋👋

Let us know your thoughts! Were you at BTS's concert in Busan? Let us know your experience!


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