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Back From Their Military Service, The Rose Puts On A Show In Boston!

Freshly off the discharge from mandatory military service and the release of their first studio album, The Rose wowed a near-capacity crowd last night at the Roadrunner in Boston, Massachusetts, USA for its HEAL TOGETHER World Tour.

The group, consisting of leader Woosung (lead vocals, electric guitar), Dojoon (main vocals, keyboard, acoustic guitar), Hajoon (drums, sub-vocals) and Jaehyeong (bass, sub-vocals), told stories of their humble beginnings as busking crew on the streets of Seoul while blending in its own mix of indie pop rock.

"We handed out candy on the streets of Hongdae before our first show," Woosung said during a break between sets, "People thought that we were club managers instead of a band! Only 20 people showed up to that first show and 15 of them were our friends. There's a lot more than 20 people here tonight though."

"We handed out candy on the streets of Hongdae before our first show."

The group played to its strengths, mixing soft electric and acoustic guitars with vocals from both Woosung and Dojoon. The set started slowly with mid-tempo songs Definition of Ugly is and Insomnia before picking up with She's in the Rain and Woosung's Modern Life.

Other highlights included the group's first breakout song Sorry, an intimate rendition of Childhood and the head-bopping, catchy Yes. The show completed with the group's latest single Sour and Black Rose as an encore.

The group is scheduled to tour until February 2023, hitting cities throughout the United States, South America and Europe.

Check out some exclusive photos from the night's performance!

Dojeon Media received a media pass from Transparent Arts to cover this show.


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