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BTS's J-Hope Party On Instagram and Twitter!!

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

After BTS J-Hope released his debut solo album "Jack In The Box" and a music video for "Arson" he achieved thousands of views in record numbers and became the first member of BTS to release new solo music as the septet go on a break from group activities and focus more on individual solo material.

BTSJ-Hope hosted a big party for the release of his debut album “Jack In The Box”. He organized a luxurious and exclusive party where he was accompanied by friends from the entertainment industry as he launched his new album, with whom he danced and sang all night long.

Dressed in stylish outfits and showing up to support, BTS members, RM, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung too made it to the party, not only attended the event but also danced the night away with celebrity guests.

Famed stars of the Korean music industry including Yoon Mi Rae, Jessi, Hyun A, BIBI, Tiger JK, Dawn, Babysleek, and others were also present at the party.

On Twitter, photos and videos have gone viral of the party organized by Hobi, as he is affectionately known, on the top floor of the HYBE building, the agency to which he belongs. The images show several BTS members, such as RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook, however, they were not the only guests of honor, as several celebrities stood out.

Let's see some of these tweets on Twitter :

Now let's move to Instagram, where a lot of posts and stories have been published by celebrities:

Dance coach Taesung updates a picture of him and Jungkook from J-Hope's concert yesterday before the release of his album "Jack In The Box "!

J-Hope update via his personal Instagram account!

'It's a great day ❤️🔥'

And his Instagram story:

What do you think? Is J-Hope living it up or what?


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