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"We are not in kindergarten!" (Army scandal after Jin entered the army!)

After Jin entered the army, some ARMYs are still chasing him!

BTS member Kim Seok Jin joined the Yeoncheon 5th Division's boot camp in Gyeonggi Province on December 13 and there have been posts on a secure online community by ARMYs! "The Camp" is an app that provides various services to soldiers, their families, and acquaintances.

After ARMY found out about the existence of this group, some ARMYs entered it and expressed their anger as well as posting personal information about Jin such as which food he likes/doesn't like and what time he sleeps and wakes up!

One fan wrote, "Do you often eat foods with potatoes, garlic, and fish in your diet?" and "I ask if such foods are often served because Jin is allergic to the food." In response, the community operator of the 5th Division said, "He's not a kindergarten student!"

Families of ordinary soldiers began to criticize the ARMYs because it became difficult to communicate with their children, so the supervisor of the Fifth Division asked all the ARMYs to go to Weverse, because they destroyed and filled the site with pictures and messages!

What are your thoughts about this abuse of a secure online chat community? Do you think ARMY's went too far? Let us know!


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