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Hong Tae Ra Finds Out The Real Truth About Her Husband! [Shocking Twist!]

An epic turn of events is revealed in the latest episodes of Pandora: Beneath the Paradise! The tvN revenge/thriller continued to surge first in national viewership ratings during its Saturday and Sunday slot time. We break down what really happened to Hong Tae Ra's shocking discovery about her husband!

** Contains spoilers!

Episode 6 starts off with a bang as Hong Tae Ra's (Lee Ji Ah) best friend and now enemy, Go Hae Soo (Jang Hee Jin) brings up an old photo of the real Hong Tae Ra during her supposed exclusive interview with Hong Tae Ra and her presidential candidate husband, Pyo Jae Hyun (Lee Sang Yoon). Demanding that Tae Ra admit to being the killer of her father, the last President Go, Hae Soo refuses to back down as she gets dragged out of the studio by her co-workers.

The new Hong Tae Ra, being as kind-hearted as she is, decides not to pursue legal action against her best friend and tells her husband and his political team to stay out of it. At the same time, Tae Ra receives a shocking voicemail from her late sister, Hong Yu Ra (Han Soo Yeon), that the person behind her new identity is indeed her husband!

In an attempt to take the flash drive Hong Yu Ra stole from Gu Sung Chan (Bong Tae Gyu), it was Jae Hyun that murdered Yu Ra and was struck by lightning. In an effort to save the flash drive, Yu Ra swallowed it. Before Jae Hyun was able to retrieve the flash drive from the morgue, Tae Ra happened to be one step ahead and paid the doctor from the morgue to retrieve it from Yu Ra before Jae Hyun found out!

During a simple day while the house staff is cleaning the pool, a staff member accidentally sprays Jae Hyun with water forcing him to change his shirt. Tae Ra follows him to the bathroom and quickly finds out that Jae Hyun has lighting scars all over his body, confirming that he was Yu Ra's killer!

Throughout the whole episode 6, the pieces behind Jae Hyun's past and real personality come to light as we find out that he was the one who created the media circus behind the falsely accused killer of Hae Soo's father at the beginning of the episode.

What an interesting, but predictable plot twist! There is a revenge triangle: Hae Soo trying to get even with Tae Ra for killing her father, and Tae Ra trying to get revenge on Jae Hyun for killer her sister! Not to mention we also find that Tae Ra's long-lost brother is actually her bodyguard and poof! All the snakes are out of the can!

We can't wait to see what happens next episode! Let us know your thoughts about this plot-twisting surprise!


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