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Jisoo Is Stunning in First Solo Premiere for "꽃 (Flower)"!

Is there anyone but BLACKPINK's Jisoo that can pull off a classy model-like demeanor while dancing in Dior? With more than half a million fans waiting for her first solo premiere "Flower" from her album "Me", she did not disappoint! Let's break down Jisoo's first solo premiere!

Covered head-to-toe in Christian Dior, Jisoo wowed audiences with her epic solo debut. Her sophistication and facial features contributed to her stunning performance as she literally looked like she stepped off a movie set!

With a variety of costume changes and studio backdrops, "Flower" gave off a very retro classic vibe that anyone around Jisoo would know, is her style! "Flower" is a simple, yet sophisticated sound with simple dance movements only to be topped with Jisoo's soothing voice!

Jisoo herself was covered in amazing beautiful outfits covered in flowers that shouted "Audrey Hepburn" vibes! There was only one moment where she showed strong emotion when she ripped her pearl necklace from her neck.

We can feel that through this new solo adventure, we will be able to see Jisoo "bloom" and mature into the artist she wants to become. We can't wait to see her growth and maturity as a person on this journey!

Let us know what you thought about the music video. Make sure to get your copy of Jisoo's "Me" album here!


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