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Korean Crime Thriller "Shadow Detective" Returns For A New Season!

Shadow Detective makes its long-awaited comeback! Beginning on July 5, the second season of the Korean criminal thriller starring Lee Sung Min will be available just on Disney+. Read on for all the exciting new details!


After an engrossing debut season that left viewers wondering who the enigmatic "Friend" was, Detective Kim Taek Rok, played by Lee Sung Min, is back with fresh problems. When a suspected explosion shocks Geumo City, Taek Rok's new mission as a member of the Women and Juveniles Unit takes an unexpected turn!

Uncovering the truth becomes a treacherous journey as Taek Rok finds himself entangled in a web of lies and conspiracies. The second season of Shadow Detective promises more thrilling suspense and heart-pounding action!

Joining Lee Sung Min in the stellar cast are Kyung Soo Jin, Lee Hak Ju, Jung Jin Young, and Kim Shin Rok. The series is directed by Han Dongwha and produced by Studio Dragon.

The second season of Shadow Detective debuted on Disney+, adding to the platform's expanding library of intriguing Korean programming. Prepare yourself for more compelling performances and a strong narrative as the series takes fans on an exciting journey!

Mark your calendars for July 5 and prepare to be gripped by the thrilling world of Shadow Detective on Disney+!!!


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