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Netflix's Latest Original "Queenmaker" Makes It to the Top of Our Streaming Playlist! Here's Why!

The newest original Korean drama from Netflix, Queenmaker, takes viewers on a compelling tour of Seoul's political environment. Oh Seung Sook, a determined human rights attorney (portrayed by Moon So Ri), battles the city's wealthy elites throughout the course of the drama series. Let's take a look at why Queenmaker should make it to the top of your streaming playlist!

Kim Hee Ae (left) and Moon So Ri make a formidable political duo in "Queenmaker" (Netflix)
Kim Hee Ae (left) and Moon So Ri make a formidable political duo in "Queenmaker" (Netflix)

At the center of Queenmaker is Hwang Do Hee, portrayed by the talented Kim Hee Ae. Do Hee, a former strategist for a major conglomerate, recognizes Seung Sook's potential and encourages her to run for mayor. Though they have different approaches, Seung Sook decides to pursue her mayoral candidacy to stand up for the underprivileged. With Do Hee's strategic expertise, the duo sets out to help Seung Sook secure victory in the mayoral race. However, they face numerous challenges along the way, including political intrigue and opposition from the elite.

A captivating story is woven by Queenmaker that addresses themes of resiliency, empowerment, and the search for justice. The series explores the difficulties of political power and the tenacity required to effect real change via the stories of Seung Sook and Do Hee.

The outstanding cast, compelling characters, and captivating plot will grab viewers and hold their attention throughout this thought-provoking examination of the human spirit's resolve to overcome hardship in the pursuit of justice and equality.

Have you started watching "Queenmaker" yet? Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in the thrilling K-drama Queenmaker on Netflix! Viewers will be captivated by the talented cast, well-developed characters, and enthralling plot that keeps them engaged throughout. This thought-provoking series explores the human spirit's will to triumph over adversity in the quest for justice and equality. Tune in to find out if Seung-sook and Do-hee succeed in their quest for justice and join the conversation about this captivating show!


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