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Oklahoma K-pop Singer Alexa Wins American Song Contest

Tears of joy ran down the 25-year-old singer/dancer Alexa as she fell into her mother's arms when the American Song Contest final results were announced on May 9. Alexa is the first winner of the contest singing 'Wonderland' with 710 points. She beat nine other artists including four-time Grammy award winner, Michael Bolton. Once 'Wonderland' started, it definitely gave a K-pop vibe as the elaborate set and costumes entered the stage. Alexa wowed the crowd with her amazing dance skills and awesome singing. The first people she thanked when she received the award were her backup dancers. She is truly a class act! Alexa will also perform 'Wonderland' at the Billboard Music Awards, Sunday, May 15!

The Tulsa, Oklahoma native was signed with the South Korea Zanybros 'ZB' entertainment label in 2018 and trained there for roughly two and a half years. During her time there, she competed on Produce 48 and was eliminated in the first round at #82. Alexa released her third single album Tattoo earlier this year on January 6.

Alexa. Photo via The Bias List.

This is wonderful news for K-pop since Alexa is American and speaking Korean is difficult for her. Many Koreans were questioning why they should be paying attention to her when she's an American artist who won an American show. But I think we've all come to realize that

K-pop is much bigger than South Korea. The fact that there are competitions and awards for the K-pop genre is a testament to the soft power that Korea has. Shouldn't we all be proud of that? Let us know your thoughts about Alexa and the soft power of K-pop!


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