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"The Good Bad Mother": A Melodrama of Unbreakable Bonds and Healing Is One Of This Year's Best!

As a show that aims to captivate viewers and take them on a journey of a mother's love and the healing process through its emotional depth and fascinating storytelling, The Good Bad Mother, has risen to the top of viewership ratings since its debut on April 26 on JTBC! Viewers on TVING and Netflix understand why this amazing drama has taken the K-drama world by storm since the beginning of May! Let's dive into what makes this drama one of the best so far!

Ra Mi Ran as Jin Young Soon, a single mother who runs a pig farm (JTBC)
Ra Mi Ran as Jin Young Soon, a single mother who runs a pig farm (JTBC)

In the JTBC melodrama The Good Bad Mother, actress Ra Mi-ran, well known for her work in Reply 1988, plays Young Soon, a single mother and pig farmer. Her relationship with Choi Kang Ho (played by Lee Do Hyun) remains tense despite her rigorous parenting, even after Kang Ho rises to prominence as a prosecutor. However, a catastrophic event leaves Kang Ho with acute amnesia and reduces him to a state resembling childhood. This gives mother and son the chance to mend their relationship by requiring him to return to his mother's care in their small-town hometown. Ra Mi Ran and Lee Do-hyun exemplify strong performances in this moving series, which explores complex family connections and the power of forgiveness.

Watch The Good Bad Mother's Teaser here!

All eyes were on Ra Mi Ran when the series debuted since she had taken on the difficult part of Young Soon and had promised to give a strong and memorable performance. The Good Bad Mother was ready to create a lasting impression on viewers' emotions with its original plot and superb actors, giving them a gripping and emotional viewing experience.

Will the strength of a mother's love and the path to recovery capture your heart? Will The Good Bad Mother's emotional world help you see the resiliency of the human spirit? Will Young Soon and Kang Ho's narrative cause you to think about the complexity of family and forgiveness? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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