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"Why Her" Ratings Skyrockets After Second Weekend

*Contains spoilers

The recently popular coldhearted lawyer Oh Soo Jae (Seo Hyun Jin Black Dog 2019-2020), the youngest partner of South Korea's best law firm, TK Law Firm, who gets caught up in an unexpected case is demoted to an adjunct professor position at Seojung University law school has seen viewership numbers soar after its second weekend! The popular lawyer drama started off at a mediocre 6.0% rating on its debut on June 3 but has risen to 10.1% nationwide in its fourth episode this past weekend, according to Nielsen Korea.

Seo Hyun Jin stars as Oh Soo Jae in Why Her

The end of the third episode has everyone talking and in shock! Netizens have been debating the age difference between Oh Soo Jae (37), an accomplished lawyer, and law school student Gong Chan, 31 (Hwang In Yeop The Sound Of Magic 2022). Of course, these are their real ages although no one really knows the age of their characters. This type of taboo subject, especially in South Korea, has left everyone scratching their heads if this is socially acceptable.

Hwang In Yeop stars as Gong Chan in Why Her (SBS)

Check out the trailer here!

Here's a snippet of a scene from episode 4!

What are your thoughts about this questionable dynamic? Is this acceptable in your country? Many people argue that it might not be the age gap, but more of the social hierarchy. Let us know what you think!


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