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3 Foods You Should Try This Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving)

Chuseok has just arrived, a time to celebrate the bounty of Korea and it is best celebrated with palatable foods. So we got you covered this holiday season in Korea! These foods will not only satisfy your taste buds but will also warm your Korean heart as you share the joy of the bountiful harvest.

Foods served in Chuseok.

1. Songpyeon(Korean half moon cake)

Colorful songpyeon.

For many, when they think of Chuseok it is songpyeon that comes to their mind right away. It is definitely the food staple in this holiday. Rice dough is the base of this chewy rice cake and it is also filled with beans, sugar, and other alimentary ingredients, and then steamed. The songpyeon is also served in a variety of colors that screams festivity.

2. Japchae


Do you feel like having some noodles this holiday? Well, japchae is a quintessential one to try out! Japchae is basically made out of glass noodles with meat and vegetables thinly sliced. This dish may appear simple but it takes a good amount of work to cook it. Who doesn’t love to eat something that is made out of labor and heart?

3. Pajeon(Scallion Pancake)


Pancakes may seem a typical food served for breakfast but not the Korean’s scallion pancakes. Pajeon is a type of jeon(Korean pancake) and depending on the ingredient of choice such as fish, meat or vegetables, it is coated with a light flour batter and then fried in a generous amount of oil. Pajeon or any type of jeon is easy and simple to make this holiday season or anytime you feel like eating one.

Were we able to satisfy your cravings this holiday season? Let us know which is your favorite food served during holidays!


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