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3 Reasons Why We're Loving Shin Ha Kyun and Han Ji Min In "Yonder"!

"You design your life. So why can't you design your death?"

Shin Ha Kyun (Beyond Evil 2021) and Han Ji Min (Our Blues 2022) are perfect for their roles in TVING and Paramount+'s first co-produced Korean series! This 6-episode sci-fi romance series that premiered on October 14 is set to question one of life's major questions: How to move on after the death of a loved one? Here are three reasons why you should be watching Yonder!

Han Ji Min & Shin Ha Kyun star in TVing's "Yonder"
Han Ji Min & Shin Ha Kyun star in TVing's "Yonder"

Set in a metropolis in the near future, in 2032, Kim Jae Hyun (Shin Ha Kyun) and Cha Yi Hoo (Han Ji Min) had a happily married life together until Yi Hoo got heart cancer and died. Jae Hyun is unable to move on after her death and is still angry. One day, Jae Hyun receives an email from his deceased wife asking him to go to a place called "Yonder" to come and see her. Confused and intrigued, he goes to a building where a futuristic space, between life and death to meet her for the last time.

1. An original idea!

Very different from many current K-dramas out there now, Yonder digs deeper into our human emotions and asks the question we all are thinking, "What happens after we pass away?" "How are our loved ones able to remember us?" Yonder attempts to explain how it is possible, through the use of science, to continue to live in the minds of our loved ones once they have passed.

2. Futuristic, yet realistic.

Although set 10 years in the future, Yonder gives off a futuristic vibe, but not to Star Wars-extent. It is believable with all of the daily technology we have today but much better and more sophisticated.

Futuristic glass phone in "Yonder" (TVING)
Futuristic glass phone in "Yonder" (TVING)

What do you guys think about this glass phone? Do you think mobile phone giants Samsung or Apple will be able to create something like this in 10 years?

3. Superb acting!

Shin Ha Kyun and Han Ji Min excel in their roles as a married couple! Just three episodes in and the on-screen chemistry are off the charts! During the first episode, we see Yi Hoo passing away at their home. Jae Hyun is right beside her as she passes away, but the emotion he expresses during this difficult time when he has to make the decision to euthanize his wife is heartbreaking! We are excited to see more of these two wonderful actors engage on screen in the future!

Still from "Yonder" (TVING)
Still from "Yonder" (TVING)

Let us know your thoughts about this series so far! How do you rate it? Comment below!


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