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A Celebrity Draws Jungkook! Jungkook's Music trends All Over The World!

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Jungkook's fans have rapidly increased recently. Even other celebrities drew and talked about him!

After Jungkook debuted his new song "Left and Right" with Charlie Puth, his popularity increased around the world.

Jungkook is the only Korean artist to have completed 30 consecutive days of being on the US 'Spotify' chart! He achieved this number with the collaborative song "Left And Right" .

Jungkook appeared on the cover of the famous American newspaper The Netizens Report in July 2022 along with Will Smith and Kim Kardashian as the most popular people in the United States this year, and they specifically mentioned Jungkook as the most famous K-pop idol of all time in the United States.

Jungkook's photo from his recent collaboration in 'Left and Right' was featured on the cover of English magazine, The Netizens Report, for the July issue as the most popular idol in the United States as quoted:

"The famous K-pop star Jeon Jungkook also appeared on the cover of the magazine and according to the statistics, Jungkook is the most famous K-pop idol in America, and there was a full script written highlighting many of his achievements, such as his recent success in the song “Left and Right.”
He's shown to be working on something, or maybe a lot of things, in the coming months and years, but one thing's for sure though: his popularity in the United States is growing."

The cover of the famous American newspaper The Netizens Report July 2022

Jungkook has also appeared and his songs have also appeared on popular TV channels around the world

Here are some clips from some of these channels :

1- The song "Left and Right" from Charlie Puth's collaboration with Jungkook was shown on a Korean show .

2- Not only that, but it also happened that Jungkook's song "My You" was used as background music on the Italian TV show "A Sua Immagine" on "Rai Uno"!

3- Nour Yassin the famous graphic designer, and husband of anchor Azza Zaarour (on MBC3 channel), drew #Jungkook with a brush in his mouth only.

- Leave a comment below the rails on #Instagram..

"A call to K-Pop fans, who is the brother?"

What about you? Have you seen Jungkook on a news channel or on a news channel in your country? Let us know!


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