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'Alchemy Of Souls' Captures Number One Spot Over The Weekend

  • A fun romantic fantasy drama with lots of action!

  • A very good-looking cast with some quirky entertaining scenes!

Lee Jae Wook & Jung So Min star in Alchemy of Souls (Netflix)

*Contains spoilers.

4.7/5 Stars (So far!)

tvN's new drama series features a dangerous assassin, Naksu (Ko Yoon Jung Law School 2021), whose soul gets accidentally trapped inside the body of a physically weak Mu Deok (Jung So Min My Roomates Is A Gumiho 2021). Mu Deok is sold to servitude to the noble Jang household where she meets Jang Wook (Lee Jae Wook Move To Heaven 2021) as his servant. Eventually, Mu Deok teaches Jang Wook how to fight.

Mu Deok and Jang Wook meet for the first time (tvN)

A drama about soul switching and mages based in a fictional country, Daeho, Alchemy of Souls is a fun-filled, action-packed drama that has us sitting on the edge of our seats. After the first episode, we are already obsessed with Jung So Min's charismatic acting and the amount of K-pop-looking actors have got us hooked!

Check out the trailer!

Alchemy of Souls clinched the top spot nationwide after its first episode dropped on Saturday, June 18 with a 5.205% rating according to Nielsen Korea. You can catch new episodes every Saturday and Sunday on tvN or on Netflix.

Let us know if this drama has you excited! What do you think?


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