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[Drama Preview] Why Bae Suzy's 'Anna' Should Be At The Top Of Your Watchlist!

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Singer-turned actress Bae Suzy (Start Up 2020) stars in her new role in Coupang Play's highly anticipated drama Anna which is scheduled to premiere Friday, June 24. This drama has been highly received as a "must watch" for many K-drama fans and we break down why you should as well!

Bae Suzy stars in Anna which premieres Friday, June 24 at 8 pm KST (Coupang Play)

Based on a web series, the 8-episode psychological thriller is centered around Yoo Mi, an ordinary working-class woman who tells a simple lie that spirals out of control and leads her to live a totally different high-end luxury life. Also accompanying Bae Suzy will be Jung Eun Chae who starred in Apple TV+'s Pachinko and Kim Jun Han (Prison Playbook 2017).

This role in Anna will test Bae Suzy's acting abilities as she will take on two opposite roles. She has shown tremendous improvement ever since her acting debut in Dream High (2010). Suzy has improved in every drama she has been in ever since. Will she be able to pull off this complex role?

Bae Suzy and Kim Jun Han in Anna (Coupang Play)

Check out this intense trailer!

Due to the complex role of playing Yoo Mi and Anna, Bae Suzy decided to challenge herself as an actress to play an emotionally deficient and psychologically damaged character in Yoo Mi. Watch this short interview as Suzy explains why she decided to take on this challenging role!

After reading and watching the trailer and interview, how do you think Bae Suzy will do? We think that this drama will be absolutely amazing and we can't wait to watch it! Let us know your thoughts!

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